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Croatia (Hrvatska)

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16 December 2014


Wachem d.o.o.


The company was established in 1983 as a small 100% privately owned manual trade for production of protective coating for household appliances, on a surface of 50 m2. Soon after that, it was build a new production facility and bought new aerosol filling machinery that was using an environment friendly propellant, propane-butane, for cosmetic and technical aerosols. At the beginning the company was only offering the service of aerosol filling to the companies from the region, then in 1986 Wachem started to expend the product range to include the own cosmetic products. The production facilities were situated on an area of 2.500 m2 and there were around 250 different own brand products in the portfolio. In 2007 Wachem moves to a new location at Ivana Severa 2a. Here the company has a total area of 20.000 m2 of working area that includes warehouses, production facilities and control laboratories. In 2009 the company introduced QMS according to BRC/RILA Global Standard for Consumer Products.

The company is continuously working on further quality improvement of products and services.

In April 2013, company had got certificate of good manufacturing practice (ISO 22716:2007). At the moment there are between 100 and 200 employees of different profiles working on the above-mentioned location. Presently Wachem is a renowned manufacturer of private label products for the UK market and its customers are the top 3 biggest retailers in the UK; ASDA-WalMart, Tesco and Aldi.


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