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1934: EVGA SA was established by the SOURAPA brothers and became the first dairy industry in Greece. EVGA brand-name soon became the synonym of good nutrition for the Greeks.

1935-36: Pasteurized milk, milk cream, yogurt, butter and standardized ice cream products are introduced by EVGA SA to the Greek market.

1953: EVGA SA produced first in Greece yogurt in a single-use plastic container and bottled milk with aluminum lid.

1964: EVGA SA was the first company in Greece that changed the packaging of milk from glass to plastic bottles.

1971: K. Politis bought EVGA SA and expanded company’s machinery and equipment.

1981: Innovative products are launched: Long Life Milk, Chocolate Milk and Skimmed Milk.

1988: K. FILIPPOU group of companies bought EVGA SA and proceeded in major investments in mechanical equipment and manpower.

1991: Juice brand REFRESH was launched and EVGA SA entered into pasteurized fruit juice market.

1995: A range of innovative products are launched: Ice-cream with 0% fat and 0% sugar and long-life Refresh fruit juices.

1996: “Sial D’Or” award was won at the “Sial Food and Beverage International Fair” for “0%+0%” product category. On the same year, EVGA implemented its first quality assurance system and gained certification against ISO9001 standard.

1999: FOLIE Croissants were incorporated in the company’s portfolio.

2011: EVGA SA transferred to UNILEVER marketing, supply, distribution and promotion of the ice cream sector. EVGA retained the production of ice cream for Unilever for the Greek market.

Nowadays, EVGA SA focuses on the expansion of croissants and private label ice cream for the domestic market and abroad.


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