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Agrano AG


Like many success stories, ours, too, rests on a combination of inventiveness, plenty of pioneering spirit and great ambitions. Alfred Ch. Scherz founded Agrano AG in Basel in 1946 in order to launch an adhesion-enhancing vitamin compound. This was followed by baking agents based on malt, milk, powdered sourdough and enzymes and it was these that led to the breakthrough. The products were so successful and so many new ones were then added to the range that the company had to move to Allschwil, which is where we remain to this day, as Switzerland?s leading supplier of baking agents.

In the absence of a successor in the founder?s own family, the takeover by Dr. Oetker Group provided an ideal solution and marked another milestone in the company?s history. Even if Agrano AG is now one of the many European companies belonging to Martin Braun Group, to its Swiss customers it remains what it has always been ever since it was first founded: a local partner that can be counted on to deliver what it promises.

The milestones in our company history.

L 1946 founded in Basel

L 1987 relocation to Allschwil

L 1992 takeover by Dr. Oetker Group

L 2006 incorporation into Martin Braun Group


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