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30 June 2014

Goran Pharma Pvt. Ltd.


Goran Pharma Pvt. Ltd. was started in year 1992, exclusively to manufacture Tooth Paste and Dental Hygiene, Cosmetic, Toiletries and consumer products (FMCG). The company is led by Mr. Hemant D Dholakia, Management Graduate from USA, and Technocrat, with indispensable expertise and knowledge from the Chairman and Father Mr. Devendra Dholakia, an experienced Perfumer and technocrat. We are more than 100 years old business group. In year 1902, Mr. Ranchhod Dholakia, great great grandfather of Mr. Hemant Dholakia, started the Tobacco business (M/S MAHASUGANDHI SNUFF WORKS). In year 1972, Mr. Devendra Dholakia, father of Mr. Hemant Dholakia, launched DENTOBAC (Tobacco Creamy Snuff).

Our Product Range and capabilities:
(1) Toothpaste includes Regular, Striped, Sparkled, Medicated, Pump, Dual Pump, Special cut (WAVE cut, OVAL cut etc.)
(2) Hair Shampoo, Hand Wash, lotions, Hand Sanitizers, Shaving Cream and Gel, Face creams,
(3) Denture adhesive / fixative creams, Mouthwash, Pain Reliving Oils, Cream, Ointment, Vetenary Shampoo, Creams and Oils.


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