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10 January 2014

Urtekram Int. A/S


Manifesto: We have been passionate about developing organic products since 1972, and putting our hearts into it all that time. We make every effort to build a sustainable world and find products that live up to our principles. We never lose our enthusiasm, because we can see that it helps. Organics are gaining ground, and that is good for our cause. Accountability: We are aware of our responsibility at Urtekram. We consider it our duty to protect our planet as much as we can. So Urtekram also means fair trade, animal welfare and protection of the environment. Urtekram means responsible consumption that covers every inch of the ground to ensure sustainability. Every year, for instance, we set ourselves ambitious new goals for reductions in our energy consumption. We want our heating to come from bales of straw, and our electricity to be generated by wind turbines and hydro-electric power. We endeavour to be world champions in recycling, and we pay our employees to cycle to work. We enable consumers to join us to make a better world.


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