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11 December 2013

PalmElit SAS


PalmElit is a subsidiary of French research institute CIRAD, created in 2009. We are specialized in oil palm breeding, seed production and distribution. (Initially registered as an ordinary member of RSPO, PalmElit in fact does not have oil palm plantations as such, but seed gardens). PalmElit does research in Africa, Latin America and Asia on oil palm yield improvement and resistance to various diseases. Our CSR Policy involves acting responsibly towards oil palm in our seed sales, raising awareness of our customers to RSPO and sustainability, and by supporting smallholders the best we can.

ACOP Report Submissions

2017 palmelit sas-ACOP2017.pdf 18.6 KB
2016 palmelit sas-ACOP2016.pdf 18.2 KB
2015 palmelit sas-ACOP2015.pdf 13.3 KB
2014 palmelit sas-ACOP2014b.pdf 13.3 KB
2013/2014 palmelit-sas-ACOP2014.pdf 12.6 KB
2012/2013 PALMELIT SAS.pdf 12.9 KB

Organisation's Commitments Toward Sustainability

  • Any other information that would support the application such as what your organisation hopes to gain from joining RSPO and how it would support RSPO?
    PalmElit hereby applies as Affiliate Member to change from our current statute of Ordinary Member. Nevertheless as we do not hold plantations other than genetic trials and seed gardens (indirectly, through our partners and JV) we were not able to complete the ACOP properly and realised we were in the wrong type of membership.
    PalmElit is a strong advocate of RSPO in our dealings with many planters and investors, at an early stage of their project, in all the countries where oïl palm grows. We will indeed continue to do so as an Affiliate Member of RSPO.
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