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12 December 2013

Dr. Schär AG


Since 1922 the company has been concentrating on making products to support a healthy diet. To start with the focus was on the nutritional needs of young children. In a very short time, the company developed the first range of gluten-free diet products specifically for young children with gastrointestinal complaints. 

In 1981 the first comprehensive gluten-free product line was launched onto the market in close collaboration with doctors and coeliac societies. 

Under the leadership of Merano-based businessman, Ulrich Ladurner, the company succeeded in becoming market leader in Italy in only a few years. This was achieved through an ongoing investment strategy for new technologies,product innovations and quality improvements. A decisive step was taken with a major quality campaign in 1998. 
In terms of enjoyment, gluten-free foods can now hold their own when compared to conventional food products. 

Thanks to its success in the gluten-free foods market, Dr. Schär has been able to expand as a company group. Step by step the company is getting closer to its goal. 

1996 Production and operational facilities are set up at the headquarters in Burgstall (Italy).

2002 Takeover of Nutrition Point. The subsidiary Dr. Schär UK is founded. The DS-gluten free (Dietary Specials) brand becomes the market leader in the UK food retail industry.

2003 Schär's own research laboratory moves into the renowned research complex at the AREA Science Park in Trieste (Italy).

2006 Takeover of the Glutano brand. New production facilities set up in Apolda and Dreihausen (Germany). The subsidiary Dr. Schär Deutschland is formed.

2007 Dr. Schär takes over the Glutafin and Trufree brands. In the USA the subsidiary Dr. Schär USA, Inc. is born.

2011 New production facilities open in Zaragoza (Spain) and construction continues on production facilities in New Jersey (USA).

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