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18 October 2012




TAIWAN P-MORE has been established since 1996, focusing on cosmetic related raw materials supplements, and assisting customers with professional acknowledgement and experiences made us reliable and trustworthy, which accomplish a well-known and growing steady foundation. In the field of production of cosmetic raw materials, offered by Agent BASF which is the first choice of the world famous cosmetics company to develop new products. There is another active biochemical materials series TAIWAN P-MORE agent, which is one of subsidiary companies of BASF, and it has been focusing on development and synthesis biochemical active materials of cosmetic fields over 50 years in France. The company is one of the global main suppliers of biochemical active materials of cosmetic fields, and their products have been selling to over 50 countries and different regions globally, and their customers including several world class well-known brands: L'Oreal (L'Oreal), Lancome (Lancome), Chanel (Chanel) Clarins (Clarins), Christian Dior (CD) Herena Rubinstein (Helena) Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), Guerlain (Guerlain), Biotherm (Biotherm) and so on. Dermatologists, physiologists, botanists, biochemists, cosmetic formulation experts, and market experts have formed the Research and Development team, and the most advanced production facilities and technology, and their rigorous quality control ensure their high quality products which stay at the world leading position.


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