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Supply Chain Associate


United Kingdom

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10 November 2012

Akoma International (UK) Limited


Akoma International (UK) Limited plays a critical commercial role in building and maintaining import and export trade between Ghana and the international markets.

We focus on opportunities to:
reduce poverty for producers in developing countries, particularly the farming communities in Ghana
increase local production capability and improve grow value for producers
promote more sustainable and fairer trade ? increase awareness about the links between ethical sourcing and local production incorporating the standards agreed by developed countries, and
simply put, to help create a world that we are proud to pass onto the next generation.

We work to:
provide a ?quality of goods? scale to help companies in Ghana widen their market share and provide quality reassurance to international customers
source and distribute the highest quality 100% pure and natural ingredients from Ghana to customers worldwide under fair trade agreements at competitive prices, and to
create a brand that is Ghanaian owned that will have a positive impact on the livelihoods of the people of Ghana.

Our current initiatives in summary Over the last three years, through Akoma-skin we have developed various skin care products and are currently focusing on two particular products:
our Shea Butter and our Black Soap. Both have received Fairtrade certification and organic status. Akoma invested in a production facility in a small village, Pusu-Namogo near Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana and provided training to local women and farmers. This investment in the people of Ghana has proved a sound business venture. Part of the investment included the formation of the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society. This society is for women who want to work to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. The cooperative is based on the objectives that drive the Akoma business. In Bolgatanga, where the society is based, unemployment is a critical issue together with low literacy rates and poor access to health services that are stretched beyond available resources by high incidence diseases such as malaria, kwashiorkor and beriberi. Upon joining the society, women can earn an income by collecting, processing and selling shea nuts and shea butter. The majority of this work occurs during harvest time, from June to October. The Akoma facility produces around 45 tonnes of shea butter a year, of which 15 tonnes is certified organic; is capable of producing around eight tonnes of shea butter a day and has the storage capacity for approximately 12,000 bags of shea nuts. To guarantee the women an income all year the Akoma cooperative is diversifying into other crafts and skills, including dressmaking, soap making and cocoa butter.


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