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8 February 2012


Lorenz Snack-World Holding GmbH

Lorenz Snack-World is a growth-oriented European brand-name company with an international focus. We have always made excellent products in four main categories: chips, extruders, salty bakery and nuts, among others well known brands like Crunchips, Naturals, Saltletts, Curly or Nic Nac’s.
Headquartered in Neu-Isenburg (near Frankfurt), Germany, with production sites and sales organisations in Germany, Poland, Austria and Russia, the company exports to around 80 countries throughout the world. Lorenz Group employs more than 2.900 people.
Our company has been family-run for four generations. The responsibility for employees and customers has been passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining a long-term view, reliability, sustainability and partnership with our employees, customers and suppliers.
With our crunchy, tasty products we make life of people more relaxing, more exciting, more entertaining, more fun, in short term: we make life more beautiful!
  • Lorenz Snack-World Russia
  • The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH Austria
  • Polsnack Polska Sp. z o.o. S.k.
  • The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World Sp.z o.o.
  • The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH & Co KG

ACOP Report Submissions

Supply Chain Certification

25 Sep 2017 24 Sep 2022 MB,SG Poland 5 Facilities: Lorenz Snack-World Holding GmbH, Adelheidstraße 4/5, 30171 Hannover ; The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH & Co. KG Germany, Rathenaustraße 54, 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany ; The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH & Co. KG Germany, An den Fischteichen 5, 29386 Hankensbüttel, Germany ; The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World GmbH & Co. KG Germany, Industriestraße 11, 92431 Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany; The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World Sp. z o.o., Poland, Stanowice ul. Jarzębinowa 37, 55-200 Oław Lorenz_Snack_World…

Organisation's Commitments Toward Sustainability

  • How will your organisation promote the RSPO internally and to other stakeholders?
    Lorenz Snack-World has committed to replace all conventional produced palm oil in its products by segregated sustainable palm oil or alternative vegetable oils by 2015. In 2012 Lorenz Snack-World is going to replace parts of its conventional palm oil according to RSPO Mass Balance System. Lorenz Snack-World supports and encourages suppliers in their approach to join the RSPO.
  • Where relevant, what processes is the organisation establishing to engage with interested parties, for example to resolve conflict or to use sustainably produced palm oil?
    Lorenz Snack-World is in constant exchange with stakeholders and several NGO’s regarding the use of sustainable palm oil.
  • Where relevant, how will your organisation work towards implementing the RSPO Principles and Criteria or assessing supplier performance against these criteria?
    Lorenz Snack-World intends to be certified to the criteria of the RSPO Supply Chain Certification System. Lorenz Snack-World will purchase its palm oil only from suppliers that are certified according the RSPO Supply Chain Certification System. Performance of our suppliers will be verified as part of our supplier auditing process
  • Any other information that would support the application such as what your organisation hopes to gain from joining RSPO and how it would support RSPO?
    As a family-run food manufacturer in its fourth generation we know exactly how important it is to make an effective contribution to sustainable farming. After all, we want to continue to produce our snacks well into the future, bringing happiness and fun to the lives of everyone. As a cutting-edge company, we interpret this as our duty to: -Use water, energy, packaging material and other natural resources sensibly, -Make sure that our working conditions and those of our suppliers around the world are humane in all respects, -Continue our decades of commitment to supporting our farmers all over the world in the development of sustainable agriculture, -Show our dedication to our internal social engagement policy which explains our low staff-fluctuation rates, consistently promotes the incorporation of junior employees and opens up exciting future perspectives for our staff members
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