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15 February 2012


Natural Products & Drugs GmbH


Natural Products & Drugs GmbH (NP&D) was originally founded in 2002 and is foremost a trading and distribution company with its focus on plant/vegetable oils and fats for cosmetics and nutrition. Furthermore we distribute and market: -Nutritional and dietary supplements based on purely plant basis such as pomegranate or guarana etc. -  Arthrobene joint maintenance and cartilage building system  - -Vertebene disc capsules to strenghten your back – nutritional supplement line – -Other natural products (e.g. organic juices, stevia, cosmetics, etc.). We are organic certified (BIO/kbA) by the Austria Bio Garantie (AT-BIO-301) and accredited according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008Since April 2011 we are also GDP certified (AMG§63) by the Austrian Ministriy of Health


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