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Turning Standards Into Action

Members of the RSPO represent all stages in the supply chain and the world's largest palm oil producing regions. As members, they have a say in the RSPO's decision-making, shaping efforts to make sustainable palm oil the norm.

Membership Categories

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) membership is composed of Ordinary Members, Affiliate Members and Supply Chain Associates.


Membership requirements

All members are required to abide by the RSPO Code of Conduct, and specifically to:

  • Actively and constructively communicate and support the continuation of the RSPO process and the implementation of RSPO projects;
  • Develop and implement plans of action to their best ability within their own organisations, in accordance with the framework of the RSPO process, to promote the RSPO and sustainable palm oil production, procurement and consumption;
  • Operate transparently and inform the RSPO regularly on plans, activities and results in promoting sustainable palm oil production, procurement and consumption.
  • Pay membership dues within 90 days of the invoice to avoid automated delisting on the RSPO website. Prolonged delays in payment of membership dues will invite termination of membership.
  • Submit member's Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) annually.

Why Apply

From market access to technical know-how, find out why more organisations and companies globally have joined the RSPO — and about the benefits they are enjoying through their membership.

Supply Chain Representation

RSPO members represent 7 stakeholder groups within the supply chain, completing the demand and supply loop, and everything in between.


RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil is internationally recognised. Moreover, membership demonstrates a first step towards commitment to sustainable palm oil.

Market Access

Members can contribute increasing demand for Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, and access markets where the demand for sustainability is growing.

Shape Policy and Decisions

RSPO members have access to a strategic platform to create & influence policies and key decisions, and benefit from best practices on agricultural, environmental and social aspects.

Become a Member

By joining the RSPO, become part of a fast-growing community of actors in the palm oil industry who are working to make sustainable palm oil the norm. Find out how.


Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP)

The Annual Communication of Progress are reports submitted by RSPO members to gauge their progress towards 100% RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil. These reports are mandatory and submitted each year.


Complaints System

The RSPO Complaints System aims to provide a fair, transparent and impartial process to duly handle and address complaints against RSPO members or against the RSPO system itself.