Are you ready? i Saw-it!

Are you a film enthusiast? Do you believe in supporting for social causes? If you said yes to both then there’s only one thing left to do! Participate in the KL Eco Knights Filming competition and BE SURE to submit your entries under the special RSPO category! Send us your videos in either PSA, Animation or Short Film format and tell us your “i Saw-it” story.


For more information on the special RSPO categories and the KL Eco Film competition please see below. We’ve also left some videos below for inspiration. Do check them out!


Inviting all film makers locally and around the globe with a keen interest in social causes to get ready to impact our community positively!

The RSPO – KLEFF partnership proudly introduces a special category in the competition called “Responsible Shopping : i Saw-it”

Did you see what we did there?

For submission entries: Details coming soon


Public Service Announcement


Short Film

“Buah sawit” also known as palm fruit in Malay is and a source of livelihood for many farmers and largely exported to many countries across the globe. Did you know that palm oil is infused into a large range of our daily products from soaps, to cooking oil to cosmetics…and even chocolates to name a few?

Before you hop on to your browsers to research…Did you also know that palm fruits can be harvested sustainably? How do you which products contain responsibly harvested palm oil? Fret not! All you need to do is lookout for the RSPO trademark before purchasing your products

“i-sawit therefore I got it!” is really what the theme of this competition emulates.


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Public Service Announcement (PSAs):



RSPO Palm Trace


Short Film:

Save Me

Message In A Bottle

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