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National Interpretations


Since countries differ in their laws for the same criteria, such as minimum wages for workers for example, and there are cultural and other differences, the RSPO Principles &Criteria are further adapted for use by each country through National Interpretations.

The National Interpretations of the P&C are available for the larger producer nations while those for smaller producer countries continue to be developed. Where, for various reasons, a National Interpretation is not available an RSPO grower may seek a local interpretation for their production. The methodology to develop National and Local Interpretation are described in the RSPO Certification Systems document.

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Revision of P&C National Interpretations (2013)

The RSPO Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production (RSPO P&C2013) has been reviewed and revised by the RSPO Principles and Criteria Review Taskforce, ratified by the RSPO Executive Board on 27 February 2013, and accepted at the RSPO General Assembly by RSPO Members on 25 April, 2013.

As a result, all the existing National Interpretations (NIs) must be revised to be fully consistent with the RSPO P&C 2013 within 12 months after the date of ratification, by April 2014. And, certificate holders (Growers) must be fully compliant with the new version of an NI within one year from the date of NI being completed, by April 2015.

In order to keep overall control of the quality of any set of requirements claiming to be official interpretations of the RSPO Principles and Criteria, especially in the local legal context, national interpretations will require revision and endorsement or recognition by RSPO in accordance with the procedures set out in Annex 1 and Annex 1a of RSPO Certification Systems document.

The following are key document and progress updates of National Interpretation process for Countries (with existing NI) involved in NI process against the RSPO P&C 2013.

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