Standing Committees

The continual expansion of the RSPO, in membership, activities, global receptivity (both friendly and hostile), and issues it has to deal with, needs an increasing degree of distributed management for it to keep pace. For this reason, 4 Standing Committees have been appointed to lead:

  1. Standards & Certification
  2. Trade & Traceability
  3. Communications & Claims
  4. Finance

Each Standing Committee comprises members from the Board of Governors and from among RSPO members. The Board of Governors, at its sole discretion, may propose changes to the composition of each Standing Committee for it to serve RSPO better. Membership is honorary and participation voluntary and all contributions duly acknowledged.

Lack of positive involvement over a continuous period of 12 months will suggest withdrawal from the Standing Committee, irrespective of notification or otherwise. Each committee shall decide leadership and functionaries from among its members.

The Standing Committee may invite non-RSPO member participation on terms and conditions it prefers, but such non-RSPO member participation cannot assume leadership of the Standing Committee. The RSPO Secretariat will provide facilitation resources to all Standing Committees.