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Assurance Task Force

The RSPO Secretariat established an Assurance Task Force (TF) as a result of Resolution 6h which was passed at the last GA 12. The Resolution 6h concerns the quality, independence and credibility of RSPO assurance system and RSPO’s systems of supervision.

The objective of the Assurance Task force (TF) is to take lead role in regards to the implementation of assurance system and formulate, and implement a plan as stipulated by the Term of Reference to upgrade and enhance the effectiveness of RSPO’s assurance program. The assurance system covers assessments (HCV, SEIA), verification (NPP), audits (CB) and oversight (ASI accreditation).  The TF is assigned to identify all necessary steps to ensure robust assessment, verification and certification against RSPO standard and roles required from all parties, notably certifying bodies and lead auditors, assessors and growers.

There will be three layers of structure. The first layer is the Task Force within the RSPO Secretariat and counterpart (Accreditation Body and HCVRN). Second layer is the Steering Group made of representatives from the RSPO BoG acting as an oversight committee, and the third layer is an Expert/Reference Panel comprise of experts in specific fields who will advise on specific issues. The Assurance TF is designed to address the complex and difficult challenges towards enhancing the RSPO assurance system.

STEERING GROUP (Member of Board of Governors)

Dr Agus Purnomo Hugo Byrnes

Paul Wolvekamp

Anne Rosenbarger Ian Hay
Liz Clark Jonathan Horrell Daryll Delgado Audrey Lee Chew Jit Seng


Salahudin Yaacob

(Assurance Director)

Julia Majail

(Standards Development Director)

Wan Muqtadir

(Assurance Manager)


Bakhtiar Talhah

(Chief Operating Officer)

Aminah Ang

(Head of Assurance)




Navin Baskaram (ASI) Paulina Villalpando (HCV Resource Network)


Daniel Seligman

Jago Wadley

Marcus Colchester

Faizal Parish

Grant Rosoman

Andrew Ng

Eric Wakker Matthias Diemer