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FFB Legality and Traceability Task Force

The current RSPO supply chain audit to trace palm oil fruits produced from the nucleus and plasma scheme plantation. There is no system yet in place to trace the oil palm fruits derived from external suppliers (outgrowers). The traceability and legality of external suppliers are still in question mark.

This issue has affected the credibility of certified mills and RSPO members, who are supposed to uphold their sustainability standard. In order to seal the possible leakages of the RSPO standard, the external suppliers of either certified mills or RSPO producer members shall also be traceable and its legality can be proven. It is to ensure that the certified mills and RSPO producer members are in full compliance to the sustainability standard, as clearly defined in RSPO standard.

An appropriate approach should be taken into account to overcome this issue. Under the RSPO P&C 2013, Indicator 4.1.4 states clearly the need for clear and consistent implementation and monitoring of 3rd Party sourced FFB.

In order to maintain its credibility, RSPO is now calling for the establishment of the FFB Legality and Traceability Taskforce (FLTTF) to further improve the standard of palm oil supply chain system.

RSPO Secretariat

Salahudin Yaacob Julia Majail Djaka Riksanto

Task Force Co-chairs

Perpetua George Sabarinah Marzuky

Task Force Members

Chong Wei Kwang Joko Arif Ian Orrell Herman Tandinata
Rizkiasari Yudawinata Lee Kuan Yee Jennifer Lai Narno
Ruqaiyah Rofiq Yulia Kurniawan Kai Xiang Chin Putera Agung
Audrey Lee Taufiqul Mujib