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Raja Mohd Nazri Bin Raja Musa

Web Management Manager

Nazri joined the RSPO Secretariat’s Communication Team in December 2012 to manage the RSPO website as well as other related projects, which included the ACOP reporting.

Throughout the seven years with RSPO, Nazri has successfully changed the paradigm of major RSPO data collection process as well as the digitisation of the ACOP reports by RSPO members. Nazri had so far successfully managed and oversees automation process for membership application, system integration between RSPO's local CRM and the trading platform 'PalmTrace', revamped the RSPO website to fulfill needs of the public based on matrices captured from data collected from an online survey, help oversee development and management of RSPO apps i.e the TM app, HCV app and GHG app and the event app, supporting the infrastructure needs of the RSPO secretariat and migrating data collection consolidation to cloud.

He has vast experiences with public listed companies, MNCs as well as other Non-Profit Organisations through various industries which included Broadcasting, Publishing, Recruiting and IT development as well as Creative Multimedia with his field of focus the entire time being under the purview of the Communications Department specialized in Digital Media.