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Prasad VS

Human Rights & Social Standards Sr. Executive

Prasad joined RSPO as a consultant in 2018 to assist the Complaints Unit with Data Migration for complaint cases. He then joined the Human Rights and Social Standards Unit under the Standards Department in September 2018.
He attended the Aberystwyth University in Wales, United Kingdom (UK) and graduated with a law degree. During his studies, he gained knowledge on  human rights, specifically in the topic of substantive protection. Prasad then worked at a law firm in the UK that specialised in Immigration Law and Human Rights. He brings to the table his previous work experience, which includes experience in anti-bribery consultation, as well as work experience with Deloitte where he focused on whistleblowing services and misconduct management.
In his current role, Prasad’s main tasks include actively supporting relevant stakeholders in the implementation of Human Rights and Social Standards, including managing the RSPO Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) and its related sub-groups. He is also a liaison for the RSPO Standards Setting Codes Compliance for ISEAL.