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Oi Soo Chin

Impacts & Evaluation Director

Soo Chin first joined RSPO in 2013 as the Biodiversity and Conservation Manager under the Technical Division and moved to ​​the Impacts and Evaluation Division in 2016. 

In this capacity, she will be leading the team to understand the impacts of RSPO certification, communicate these impacts to stakeholders and incorporate lessons learned to continuously improve the standard. 

​​​T​he Impacts and Evaluation Division​ ​​is responsible for the ​Theory of Change, Monitoring and Evaluation System, Complaints and Appeal Procedures, RSPO key research priorities, SENSOR, ISEAL compliance and GeoRSPO.​

Soo Chin was trained in Forestry and prior to joining RSPO, she was a Project Coordinator for the Malaysian Environmental Consultants (MEC), where she was attached to for 10 years working on numerous projects and possesses vast experience in HCV assessment, sustainable palm oil auditing, due diligence, natural resource conservation and management in Malaysia and Indonesia.