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Ian Hay

Head of Sustainable Business: Asean, HSBC

Ian has 24 years experience in the Banking  and Environmental sectors spanning Asia, the Middle East and Europe.  He started his career with the Environment Agency in the United Kingdom, before working on several multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy projects in the UK and overseas.  

He has worked on several  risk assessment and audit projects for government and blue chip clients and has direct experience of stakeholder consultation and engagement on remediation activities. Ian holds first degrees in Geography and Finance Services, and a post graduate specialism in Geographic Information Systems.   

Moving to the financial sector in 1999, he has worked across the commercial and corporate banking sectors, specialising in leading international business growth and providing project financing services for several major infrastructure deals.  Expert in structuring financial trade and receivable solutions for supply chain customers, he is responsible for extending HSBC support for sustainable development and growth across priority sectors. 

He is currently Regional Head of Sustainable Business, covering ASEAN region for HSBC. This covers sustainability risk management and business development of climate related business and agricultural commodities (including forestry and palm oil). He has been HSBC's representative in the EB since Aug 2013.  

His combined experience in the financial and environmental sectors gives a unique combination of insight on the regulatory, financier and developer side of project planning, financing and execution, and in implementing risk mitigation strategies.   

He works within the Global Sustainability team of HSBC Group, who are responsible for sustainability policy strategy and objective setting, and in translating group policy into operational business management.  HSBC Group covers all industry and agricultural sectors, and actively contribute to several working parties covering both commodity and sustainability initiatives,  encouraging client engagement and continuous improvement in their sustainable business practices.  

HSBC Group has always taken the long term view of understanding the economic, social and environmental drivers and impacts of our own and our customers strategy.