RSPO Smallholders Support Fund (RSSF)

The RSPO Smallholder Support Fund makes it possible for palm oil smallholders around the world to get certified by the RSPO, without the cost. Through certification, smallholders can increase their yields and remove the obstacles to reach international markets. They can also reduce the negative impact of their activities on ecosystems, while improving their wellbeing. Find out how the RSSF works, who can receive funding, what activities are funded, and how to apply.

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The RSSF is funded from 10% of income generated from the trading of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) and 50% of RSPO’s remaining income surplus during a financial year.

In general, the funds are meant to support cost for training, project management, HCV and SEIA Assessment, audit cost, tools and technique development for smallholders etc.


  • Legal entity
  • Sufficient experience in working with smallholders
  • Promote production of sustainable palm oil


  1. Smallholder Certification project: Up to 50% of RSSF grant goes towards activities that contribute to preparing for certification, e.g. paying for Better Management Practices (BMP) training, building storage for pesticides, starting the elaboration of a documentation system, or financial literacy training for one or more potential group managers.
  2. One-off (Certification Audit Cost): 100% of the audit costs of all potential certification processes of independent smallholder groups, with the option to include one surveillance audit for each applicant.
  3. Special Project: This refers to any projects other than the above. RSSF also supports initiatives to develop tools that help smallholders to comply with RSPO certification. These can include mapping of smallholders plantation, HCV assessments in high risk areas, smallholders participation in jurisdictional areas etc.

How to Apply:

  1. Please identify the type of funding the proponent requires, download and complete the proposal template accordingly.
    • For One-off funding request, please download the proposal template here
    • For Smallholder Certification project funding request, please download the proposal template here
    • For Smallholder Special Project funding request, please download the proposal template here
  2. Submit the full proposal to once completed. Any incomplete proposals will not be processed.

For more information or guidance, please contact


  1. For Smallholder Certification and Special Project have two (2) cycles of funding reviews done annually.
    • RSSF Application Submission Deadline #1 - 15 March
    • RSSF Application Submission Deadline #2 - 15 September
  2. For One-off Project (Audit Cost) is open throughout the financial year.

The applications received will be appraised by the RSSF Fund Manager before it is being shared with the RSPO RSSF Panel (Panel) for review. Following the review, the RSSF Fund Manager will share the outcome of the review with the proponent.

For further clarification, please send an email to us at