RSPO-RED application to the European Commission – State of play

Posted on 12 May 2011

In September 2010, RSPO applied to the European Commission for formal recognition as a voluntary scheme under EU Renewable Energy Directive (EU-RED) requirements.

In addition to the core RSPO system documentation, the RSPO-RED application contained a document ‘Additional Guidance for compliance with EU-RED requirements’ (Version 1 of July 2010), which allows palm oil producers and processors under certain conditions to comply with requirements in EU-RED, until April 2013 (using a so called ‘grandfathering clause’). The Additional Guidance is designed to be used in conjunction with the existing RSPO certification system, and is voluntary.

On 14 April 2011, RSPO received a formal response from the European Commission on its application, including a number of comments and questions. While the Commission appears to support the approach followed in the ‘Additional Guidance’, more information is requested to ensure that a number of detailed requirements in the RED are met with.

The RSPO Task Group on RED, which has been established specifically to achieve recognition of the RSPO certification system, will compile additional information for the Commission, and re-submit the RSPO-RED application. While the timeline for the further review and approval process is somewhat uncertain, the Task Group is confident that formal recognition could be achieved by the end of 2011.

In parallel to the above process, the Task Group on RED works on further proposals for EU-RED compliance after April 2013, in which it collaborates with the RSPO Greenhouse Gas Working Group.

For more information: Ilmari Lastikka (, or +35850-4584627)

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