A smallholder dilemma: Finding the balance between conservation and family demands

News, 28 April 2017

In Sabah, RSPO-certified smallholder, Noraziza, struggles to harmonize her love for conservation with the opportunity to quickly increase her family's income by developing high conservation value land. RSPO is using a jurisdictional approach in Sabah to ensure that land tenure and permits consider high conservation values areas, helping to prevent an unfortunate predicament that many smallholders are faced with.

Colombian DAABON are world’s first Oil Palm Grower to receive RSPO NEXT Certification

News, 24 April 2017

Colombian-based agribusiness, DAABON Group, are the first in the world to become certified under RSPO NEXT, a voluntary add-on module engaging RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member companies to exceed the RSPO’s internationally recognised sustainability standard.

Ecuador Takes Giant Step Towards Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Production

News, 30 March 2017

The signing of the MoU commitment of the Ecuadorian Government with palm oil producers and civil society marks the start of Jurisdictional Certification process in Ecuador, a first in Latin America.

Ecuador da un paso gigante hacia la producción sostenible de aceite de palma

News, 30 March 2017

Firma del acta compromiso del gobierno ecuatoriano con los productores y sociedad civil para la certificacion jurisdiccional de ecuador

Palm oil and deforestation: closing the gap between commitments and actions

News, 30 March 2017

Despite huge improvements in the last decade, the production of palm oil continues to drive tropical deforestation. Participants in a recent debate hosted by RSPO and Friends of Europe discussed the state of play and tackled one burning question – how to close the gap between no deforestation commitments and ongoing forest loss.

In a Malaysian village, sustainable palm oil certification brings guaranteed markets

News, 30 March 2017

Some palm oil smallholders in Malaysia are benefiting from the SPOTS programme, which integrates them within global supply chains to promote traceability, certification, and sustainability, in line with RSPO standards.

PalmTrace operational since January, market for GreenPalm closing 31 March, 2017

News, 30 March 2017

After the successful launch of PalmTrace (formerly eTrace) in January, the market for GreenPalm Certificates will close on March 31, 2017. The Book and Claim supply chain model is now supported by the trade of RSPO Credits in the RSPO Palm

RSPO and WWF-Malaysia host Malaysian Sustainable Business Forum

News, 03 March 2017

As part of its Market Transformation Initiative (MTI), WWF-Malaysia hosted the Malaysian Sustainable Business Forum in Kuala Lumpur on 28 February 2017. Representatives from prominent brands gathered to discuss the economic and environmental advantages of using certified sustainable palm oil.

UK Government reports significant progress in CSPO uptake

News, 03 March 2017

The UK government has found a significant increase in the trade of CSPO, following a 2012 effort to bring business and organisation leaders together to commit to reaching 100% sustainable palm oil sourcing by 2015.

Studi dampak sertifikasi dan analisis strategi peningkatan serapan CSPO RSPO di Indonesia

News, 16 February 2017

Sebagai bagian dari upaya untuk mencapai target serapan CSPO RSPO Indonesia untuk tahun 2020, RSPO Indonesia dibantu oleh tim peneliti dari Lembaga Penyelidikan Ekonomi Masyarakat – Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia (LPEM FEUI) akan mengadakan studi Dampak Sertifikasi dan Analisis Strategi Serapan CSPO RSPO di Indonesia. Studi ini akan berlangsung dari bulan Februari sampai dengan Juni 2017.