Malaysian students pitch their ideas for sustainable palm oil

News, 29 September 2015

Students at Universiti Putra Malaysia got a taste of sustainable palm oil thanks to an academic writing competition organized by the RSPO, topped off by an awards ceremony attended by RSPO staff.

RSPO 101: Demistifying Supply Chain Group certification

News, 29 September 2015

A growing number of companies that use palm oil products are now expected to have RSPO certification. But what does this involve in practice for group certification?

RSPO-certified smallholders: growing from strength to strength

News, 29 September 2015

Six initiatives, 9,300 smallholders, about 42,000 ha of land, and 1 million euro of financial assistance--take a global view of RSPO's smallholder initiatives, including their achievements and challenges.

Growth of certified palm oil smallholders in Thailand showing no signs of slowing down

News, 29 September 2015

Thailand was the first market in the world to have its independent smallholders RSPO-certified under group certification. As of 2015, this smallholder initiative just keeps on growing.

RSPO Next: Taking the Principles & Criteria to the next level

News, 28 August 2015

What if RSPO members were helped not only to comply with the Principles & Criteria, but also to exceed them? This is now possible with RSPO Next, which "pushes the envelope" on issues such as deforestation, peatland development and indigenous peoples' rights.

Who dunnit? Tracking the source of the haze using online maps

News, 28 August 2015

Through the Global Forest Watch online mapping system, anyone can find out the origin of the haze hotspots, making the palm oil supply chain more transparent.

ISEAL's Challenge the Label campaign

News, 28 August 2015

ISEAL's "Challenge the Label" tool helps company buyers who are faced with numerous sustainability labels to test which claims are credible. Here, ISEAL explains how RSPO members can maximize benefits from the campaign.

Sustainable palm oil, it’s a survival issue

News, 27 August 2015

In India much remains to be done to transform the market to a more sustainable footing. However, some businesses are leading the way. Among those is Galaxy Surfactants, a leader in supplying products to some of the world’s most famous FMCG brands, recently certified by the RSPO.

Making a meaningful impact on smallholders’ livelihoods & the palm oil sector

News, 27 August 2015

Smallholders account for 30% of the total global production of palm oil. In this essay, RSPO Director General Datuk Darrel Webber, pays tribute to this sector of the industry and their growing role in the RSPO.


News, 19 August 2015

Yesterday the Norges Bank took the decision to exclude RSPO members IJM and Genting Berhad from the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG). Daewoo International Corporation and its parent company POSCO were also excluded from the GPFG.