As a RSPO member, you can contribute constructively towards promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil to protect people, planet and profit.

  • First step to show commitment towards embracing sustainable palm oil
  • RSPO is recognized globally as a certification standard for sustainable palm oil
  • For growers, certification of mills and supply base according to the RSPO Principles & Criteria demonstrates to customers that you are a responsible producer
  • Active participation along the palm oil supply chain of RSPO's membership categories
  • International market access
  • Create and influence RSPO policies and key decisions
  • Access to agricultural; environmental and social best practices
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and profitability with sustainable palm oil practices


Ordinary and Affiliate membership

My organisation is directly involved within the palm oil supply chain, or is an associated NGO, or I work with an organisation (or I am an individual) that is not directly involved in the palm oil supply chain.

Supply Chain Associates membership

I work with an organisation that has business activities along the palm oil supply chain but limited to purchasing, using, or trading not more than 500 metric tonnes of palm oil and palm oil products annually.


All membership applications go through a process whereby background research is undertaken. Submitted documents are reviewed; input is received from various stakeholders followed by a final approval from the RSPO Secretary General upon endorsement from the Board of Governors. Any appeals to applications declined will be handed by an Arbitration Board.

Membership of the RSPO includes a 2-year commitment consecutively with membership fees payable annually. Membership is renewable annually thereafter.