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ED&F Man Liquid Products Europe B.V.

ED&F Man Holdings Ltd is a British agricultural commodity trading group. Via its three Business Units (Sugar, Coffee and Liquid Products) it operates as a specialist merchant trading specifically in sugar, coffee, and liquid products. In addition, ED&F Man acts as broker to clients who need to access commodity and capital markets through our financial services division.
With a global network and presence in over 70 countries ED&F Man is the market leader in managing supply chains in the chosen commodities and specialised in the sourcing, processing, marketing, distribution, transport and risk management of these products to end users around the world.
The Business Unit Liquid Products is involved in sourcing, shipping, storing and distributing and marketing molasses and molasses blends (and related products), fish oil and edible oils. The activities in edible oil trading involves only sourcing in origin, shipping this to sister companies in Italy and Spain, where this is further distributed locally.

The entity ED&F Man Liquid Products Europe B.V. (formerly known as “Safic-Alcan” or “ED&F Man France”) is now based in and operated from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It performs the international trading of palm oil and like products and supplies this only to its internal subsidiaries ED&F Man Liquid Products Italia SRL (located in Bologna) and ED&F Man España SA (located in Madrid). These two companies buy the edible oils mainly from ED&F Man Liquid Products Europe B.V. (some product is traded back-to-back locally) and is sold to customers in Italy and Spain respectively.
  • E D & F Man España S.A.
  • E D & F Man Liquid Products Italia SRL


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