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TARTEFRAIS is an independent middle company producing industrial pastries. It has been created in 1991 in the Calvados (Normandy) by a Pastry Master. About 180 people are working on the plant in order to propose you a full range of products (tarts, éclairs, traditional pastries) on 3 main market targets: retail, food service and export.In order to meet the requirements our customers and consumers and insure their security, we developed for a long time a quality approach and are moreover certified IFS since 2006.Since 2007 we are also committed in the Sustainable Development. Several actions were led (as the construction of a water-treatment plant and the realization of a greenhouse gas emissions inventory in 2009). Today, our main objective is to integrate the Sustainable Development into our daily working, into our way of thinking, every day and in a pragmatic way.


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