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Control Union (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


Control Union (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd belongs to the CONTROL UNION WORLD GROUP (WUEG) operating a global network of INSPECTION, SURVEY, CERTIFICATIONS and CONSULTANCY Services in all continents i.e. Asia, Europe, North & South America, Africa and Middle East.
Our team of surveyors and inspectors with their vast and diversified experiences are knowledgeable with Know-How to carry out their duties professionally. As a professional third party observer, our field personnel are in the capacity to recommend, advise, supervise, establish (quantum), consult and set forth precautionary measures in the interest of clients ranging from Cargo Underwriters, Cargo Owners, Buyers, Shipper, Charterers or other interested parties on an impartial basis.
Our service include marine inspections, towage approvals, draft surveys, on/off hires, bunkers surveys, quality and quantity control for dry bulk & liquid bulk cargo, marine and warehouse superintendence, collateral management agreement, valuation & insurance surveys, PSI & CISS contract surveys, general cargo inspectors, full outturn guarantees, container inspections and certifications, among others.



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