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Univanich Palm Oil Public Company Limited


Univanich Palm Oil PCL has been a pioneer of the oil palm industry in Thailand since the company's first plantations were established in 1969. Prior to becoming a listed public company in 2003, the business was developed as a joint venture with the Unilever Plantations and Plant Science Group of the UK. In 2008, Univanich produced 168,000 tonnes of crude palm oils, of which 80% was exported around Asia and to Europe. A feature of the Univanich business is that the company's own plantations, of 6,000 ha, produce less than 20% of the FFB processed by the company's three crushing mills. More than 80% of the FFB is purchased from independent smallholder farmers. The Univanich Palm Research Centre, in Krabi Province, is Thailand's main centre for oil palm agronomic research, advanced palm breeding and oil palm tissue culture. Univanich DxP hybrid seeds are currently exported to growers in more than ten countries.

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