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PT Jaya Mandiri Sukses


 PT Jaya Mandiri Sukses - is the plantation arm of PT. Rajawali Corpora, a leading diversified holding company established in 1984 with 10 business entities in manufacturing, ICT, hotels and resorts development, retailing, land and air transportation, plantatin, cement and coal mining.  JSM was established to capitalize on the world's growing demands for palm oil. Located in South and East Kalimantan, the company is a plantatation holding company comprising of 7 plantation companies. JSM are committed towards protection and conservation of the environment and therefore, endorse the principles stated in the RSPO and acknowledge as the best approach to sustainable palm oil. It is guided by strong commitment towards protection and conservation of the environment. JSM management is in the process to apply sound agronomic principles and best practices to protect the environment and ensure sustainable agribusiness.


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