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Harlan Bakeries, LLC

Founded in 1991, Harlan Bakeries mission statement is:

To produce quality bakery products cost effectively in an environment that is safe, clean and friendly for our employees and community.  The integrity of our company is based on the principles of quality bakery products, satisfied customers and consumers, conscientious employees and our commitment to innovative growth and development.

Harlan Bakeries has grown from a specialty bagel producer into a major, diversified wholesale baking operation with a full line of products ranging from frozen breads, pies, cakes and other desserts to frozen muffins, cookie dough and yes, bagels for its contract manufacturer customers, hundreds of in-store bakeries and thousands of national foodservice operations.
  • Harlan Bakeries-Avon, LLC
  • Harlan Bagel Supply Company, LLC
  • Harlan Bakeries-Colorado, LLC
  • Harlan Bakeries-KF, LLC
  • Southern Bakeries, LLC
  • Harlan Bagel-Fuls, LLC
  • Harlan Bakeries-Alberta, LLC
  • Harlan Bakeries-Edmonton, INC
  • Apple Valley Food, INC
  • Filled Bagel Industries, LLC


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