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EDF Energy


EDF Energy, a subsidiary of EDF Group, is one of the UK's largest energy companies. We distribute power to a quarter of the country's population through our electricity distribution networks and we supply gas and electricity to over 5 million residential and business customers. We generate 6.4% of the UK's electricity needs and operate major electrical infrastructure services, such as at many of the UK's airports. The company is headquartered in London with offices and operations countrywide. EDF Energy employs nearly 12,000 people and has an annual turnover of over £4.5bn. EDF Energy is committed to a sustainable approach to business and conducts its operations in the pursuit of five balanced strategic objectives:to care more for our customersto be recognised as a learning business and a great place to work for our employeesto meet our shareholders' expectationsto be a safe and responsible company regarding our people, the environment and the communities we serveto be recognised as a leading and respected point of referenceEDF Energy plans to use palm oil and other palm derived products as part of a balanced portfolio of renewable fuels for power generation. The company is committed to working closely with suppliers and plantations as part of the procurement process, to ensure that RSPO sustainability criteria can be met. So far environmental and social audits have been carried out on all plantations used for supply of palm oil to the company’s power stations.


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