Why become a member of RSPO?

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world, mostly for food but also as a substitute for petrochemicals and with potential use as biofuel. The importance is set to increase because the tree produces more oil per unit area of land than any other oil producing plant species and the demand for edible oil continues to increase globally.

The tree can only grow in the tropics which is also home to a great amount of the earth's terrestrial biodiversity. The countries of the tropics are all developing democracies where institutional governance is still developing in capacity and depth. Hence, not surprisingly, the front lines of palm oil expansion, driven by global and local economics, meet the need to conserve and preserve biodiversity and address the legitimate rights of all the peoples where palm oil cultivation and expansion takes place.

Ultimately it is a question of transforming all human activity to be more sustainable for our own good. By becoming a member of RSPO, you can contribute constructively to RSPO's efforts to promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil.

Benefits for palm oil users and consumers

You may use or continue to use a relatively inexpensive, wholesome edible oil with a versatile range of uses knowing that the RSPO is addressing some of the issues associated with palm oil production in different parts of the world.

Benefits to producers

Production to RSPO Principles & Criteria for sustainability means that your production meets the world's most stringent criteria for sustainable production. RSPO certification of such production is evidence to the world of the strict standards you subscribe to and your commitment that the agriculture you practice should be sustainable.

In the nutshell, these are the salient benefits to become a RSPO Member:

  Reputation :
ο   RSPO CSPO recognized internationally
ο   Membership demonstrates first step towards commitment to go sustainable
  Supply chain representation :
ο   Members represent 7 stakeholder groups within supply chain
ο   Completes the demand & supply loop & everything in between
  Market Access :
ο   Domestic / National consumption
ο   International
  Members shape policy & decisions :
ο   A strategic platform to create & influence policies and key decisions
  Access to best practices :
ο   On agricultural; environmental and social aspects
  Enhances value of palm oil :
ο   As the largest traded commodity / edible oil that is certified

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