Use of RSPO Trademark

RSPO Trademark is a global Trademark that signals the use of RSPO-certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

It aims to bridge the gap between the upstream and downstream palm oil production and distribution system to make it whole. It is undeniably a significant move bringing the RSPO Members closer to the consumers through the adoption of a globe-shape palm top label on the products – the RSPO Trademark Logo.

  Well-informed choice for consumers; and responsible consumer can now identify and differentiate products that are being sourced sustainably, from others.
  Seal of commitment on palm-derived product as more member companies can now act responsibly protecting the environment, social causes, and wildlife conservations.
  Boost Demand on CSPO/CSPK and encourage market uptake
  Producer and users of CSPO will benefit economically from the higher demand for CSPO/CSPKO