Types of Membership

RSPO is composed of Ordinary Members, Affiliate Members and Supply Chain Associates

Applicant for the Ordinary membership has to specify and qualify for one specific sector only.

Affiliate membership is open to organisations or individuals who are not actively involved in any of the above seven sectors and have expressed an interest in the objectives and activities of the RSPO (for example, academia, research and development organisations, donors, sponsors).

Supply Chain Associates are members who use less than 500 mt/year of palm oil or palm oil derivatives.

More details on membership and application forms are available at How to Apply .

Rights of Members

Ordinary Members
Ordinary members will have the right to vote at each meeting of the General Assembly, as provided in article 5 of the RSPO By-laws. Ordinary members can have access to all the material produced by RSPO for its members, through the RSPO website and newsletter as well as at RSPO's secretariat for specific documentation.

Ordinary members or their representatives are eligible for election on the Executive Board by their respective sectors. They can participate in any of the meetings of the General Assembly and thematic Working Groups.

Affiliate Members
Affiliate members can attend and participate in any of the meetings of the General Assembly but they will have no voting rights. They can participate in RSPO activities and may be invited to participate in thematic Working Groups, where appropriate. They have limited access to RSPO information.

Expectations Of Membership including Annual Reports

Members are required to:

Abide by the RSPO Code of Conduct, as adopted during the 3rd General Assembly of Members held on 22 November 2006 and including the revisions accepted by the 5th General Assembly of Members held on 20 November 2008.

and specifically:

  Actively and constructively communicate and support the continuation of the Roundtable process and the implementation of Roundtable projects;
  Develop and implement plans of action to their best ability within their own organisations, in accordance with the framework of the Roundtable process, to promote the RSPO and sustainable palm oil production, procurement and consumption;
  Operate transparently and inform the Roundtable regularly on plans, activities and results in promoting sustainable palm oil production, procurement and consumption.
  Pay membership dues within 90 days of the invoice to avoid automated delisting on the RSPO website. Prolonged delays in payment of membership dues will invite termination of membership.
  Submit member's Annual Communications of Progress between June to August each year.

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