Trademark Online Application Form

RSPO members can display the RSPO Trademark logo as part of communications related to products acquired through RSPO's supply chain certification system. The rules governing communication, including display of the trademark, can be found at

Commercial display of the RSPO trademark requires a valid RSPO trademark license. A license can be requested through this form. All fields need to be completed before the application can be processed.
Please note:

- Additional documentation can be requested during the approval procedure.
- The RSPO reserves the right to publish all data that is submitted.
- Licensees agree to provide RSPO with updates of the information to ensure continuing accuracy.

After you click the 'Submit' button below, follow-up steps will include:

- RSPO will review data that you submitted;
- RSPO will send a trademark license agreement to the e-mail address that was provided;
- After receiving a signed agreement, RSPO will send a numbered license and digital artwork to the same e-mail address.

Click here to download the Application for use of RSPO Corporate/Trademark logo (for written approval)

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Trademark Application Form


The name of the RSPO member company that will sign the trademark license agreement.

*For reference please visit

Please tick the language(s) you wish to use for RSPO Trademark Logo. More than one language can be selected.

Product Brand name that will carry RSPO trademark logo and type of product. E.g. Oils. Cosmetics, Foods.

Please provide names of countries or geographical continents where the trademark-licensed products will be sold
Contact Details

Name of a person who has knowledge about the trademark license agreement.


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