Standing Committee Trade & Traceability


The continual expansion of the RSPO, - in membership, activities, global receptivity (both friendly and hostile), and issues it has to deal with, needs an increasing degree of distributed management for it to keep pace. Methods that attempt to involve the entire Executive Board (EB), let alone the entire organisation, in each and every detail will be unmanageable and waste time and money without necessarily resulting in better outcomes. Four standing committees 1) Standards & Certification, 2) Trade & Traceability, 3) Communications & Claims, and 4) Finance – could adequately cover most of the current work of the RSPO.

Each Standing Committee (SC) shall comprise of members from the Executive Board and from among RSPO members or their respective alternates. The Executive Board, at its sole discretion, may propose changes to the composition of the Standing Committee, for it to serve RSPO better. Membership is honorary and participation voluntary and all contributions duly acknowledged. Lack of positive involvement over a continuous period of 12 months will suggest withdrawal from the SC irrespective of notification or otherwise. The SC shall decide leadership and functionaries from among its members. The SC, at its behest, may invite non-RSPO member participation on terms and conditions it prefers, but such non-RSPO member participation cannot assume leadership of the SC. RSPO Secretariat will provide facilitation resources to all SCs.

The brief for the Trade & Traceability Standing Committee (T&T SC) derives from Article 3 of RSPO's bylaws, the relevant excerpts being - “c) development of solutions to practical problems related to ...... procurement, trade and logistics (in sustainable palm oil);”

Terms of Reference

A.   The members of the Trade & Traceability SC are as in Annex 1.
B.   The T&T SC shall be responsible for the following:
1.   Develop and provide various options for trading in sustainable palm oil for varied markets without diluting the credibility of RSPO sustainable palm oil.
2.   Incorporate sustainable palm oil parameters into existing palm oil trade specifications.
3.   Engage expertise to set up computerised traceability systems to track movement of sustainable palm oil through existing commodity chains.
4.   Facilitate niche players organise dedicated supply chains for fully segregated sustainable palm oil.
5.   Develop safeguards against blurring of delineations between sustainably and unsustainably produced palm oil.

Committee Profile

Trade & Traceability Standing Committee as per December 2013

Filipe Guerrero Growers
Alasdair McGregor Certification Bodies 
Alien ten Kleij  Certification Bodies 
Sharon Wilts Jansen Consumer Goods manufacturers 
Ben Vreeburg  Processors and Traders 
Bob Norman  Greenpalm
David Ogg Consultants 
Ed McPhillimy  Consumer Goods manafacturers 
Eddy Esselink (chair)  Trade Associations
Erin Logan Consultants
Surina Ismail Processors and Traders 
Harald Sauthoff  Processors and Traders
Hugo Byrnes  Retailers
Inke van der Sluijs  RSPO secretariat 
Jan van Driel  RSPO secretariat 
Liz Crosbie  Consultants 
Liza Murphy  UTZ 
Marieke Leegwater  NGO’s 
Qua Kiat Seng Processors and Traders 
Michelle Morton  Processors and Traders
Robbert Kessels  Growers 
Salahudin Yaacob RSPO Secretariat 
Sandra Mulder  NGO’s 
Sietse Buisman Processors and Traders 
Daphne Hameeteman Processors and Traders 
Judith Murdoch Processors and Traders 


EB Trade & Traceability Standing Committee

This Standing Committee looks into supply chain issues to get RSPO certified sustainable palm oil from growers to consumers. The WG comprises EB members and volunteer RSPO members, mostly from supply chain categories, such and Processors & Traders, and NGO representatives on the Board. The Standing Committee is chaired by Hidde van Kersen, Executive Board Member, Sustainability Director of Loders Croklaan Europe.

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6. T&T SC - Minutes 1 Feb 2012 68 KB
7. T&T SC - Minutes 30 May 2012 73 KB
8. T&T meeting 3 oct 2012 352 KB
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