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3rd September 2013

RSPO EUROPEAN SUMMIT: Welcome Address by Darrel Webber

Good morning and welcome everyone to the very first RSPO European Summit. I am very pleased to see so many of you here this morning – your attendance shows that there is great interest in the topic of sustainable palm oil in Europe and I look forward to the discussions we will have today in this regard.

This is RSPO’s first European summit since its inception in 2004. This summit marks an important moment for RSPO as we enter a new phase where our work will focus much more on consumers and consumer markets then in the past.
What happened in the past? We worked hard with growers and all the other stakeholder groups, to agree on a set of principles and criteria to certify the production and use of sustainable palm oil. Bringing such diverse stakeholders around the table and finding a consensus on a common set of P&C is not an easy job.
Our first preparatory meetings go back to 2001 and 2002. The inaugural meeting of the Roundtable took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2003 and was attended by 200 participants from 16 countries.
On 8 April 2004, the "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)," was formally established with a governance structure that ensures fair representation of all stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain. But it was only in 2005 that we managed to approve the RSPO’s P&C.
The first certification of a plantation took place in May 2008 and the first shipment of CSPO arrived in Rotterdam in November in 2008.
Palm oil growers were on board and committed to invest in CSPO and make them accountable to closer scrutiny and greater transparency, according to RSPO’s P&C and code of conduct. This is by far one of the greatest achievements of the first part of the RSPO history. We believe, in fact, that for most of these companies it is easier to remain outside the RSPO, without dealing with the level of transparency and accountability which is required by the RSPO membership.
Today we continue to engage with growers and we continue to monitor their commitment and their transparency, and we have set up a process to do this. Let me give you an example.
This year, in June Indonesia was covered with a thick haze caused by forest fires, and some RSPO members came under the spotlight for allegedly provoking these fires. RSPO asked them to submit digital maps of their concessions which where crosschecked with hotspot maps from a satellite. Thanks to our verification, we managed to review the claims made by NGOs and establish which companies were and weren’t responsible for the fires. This was done with the information voluntarily submitted by our grower members. Thanks to them, we were also able to identify a major issue with the mapping of the area, which has misled NGOs in identifying the responsible companies. Some of them had no fire spots, others took immediate action to tackle them.
All of this was possible because RSPO was in place.
If we turn to Europe, the key question is how to maintain and further promote this level of commitment and transparency. If growers have gone this far, where is the rest of the supply chain going?
RSPO is here today to engage with palm oil users and manufacturers to secure the same level of commitment and transparency. This is an ambitious goal, but we cannot settle for anything less than this. So we want to know, where all of you stand in your commitment to source CSPO and deliver it to consumers.
Only by matching the efforts and commitment of growers and having a similar shift in consumer markets, we can realise the RSPO vision of ‘transforming the market to make sustainable palm oil the norm’.
It is not a coincidence that we chose to organise the first RSPO European Summit in Germany. Germany has the largest RSPO member base globally and is also one of the biggest consumer markets in Europe and has therefore an important role to play in the transformation of the European market to become sustainable.
Today we will have a frank and open discussion on the most important challenges we are currently facing in the market transformation towards 100% sustainable palm oil. There will be plenty of opportunity to interact with speakers and moderators as we aim to make the sessions as interactive as possible – we therefore encourage you all to participate and raise your voice during this Summit. At RSPO we strongly believe in an open and constructive dialogue between all stakeholders. I hope this will be the start of a yearly European platform to discuss progress and challenges – however, most of all that in the not too distant future we will no longer need this conference as sustainable palm oil will have become the norm.



26 June 2013

New Webinar: RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) & GreenPalm

SGS invites you to register for the complimentary webinar "RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) & GreenPalm" on June 26, 2013.

This complimentary webinar (45-minute presentation / 15-minute Q&A) will give an initial overview and taster to the Biofuels production and supply chain (agricultural producers, traders, bioethanol/biodiesel producers, Oil and Gas companies), Food and Pharmaceutical sectors, about the requirements of the RSPO scheme (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) and the GreenPalm supply chain option for the RSPO.


  • Background
  • Global importance of biofuels
  • EU RED Voluntary schemes general overview
  • About the RSPO
  • RSPO approved systems that can be used for trades
  • Personal Care Industry and GreenPalm
  • The RSPO standards For Growers and Supply Chain Certification
  • Independent third party certification
  • Benefits of Certification
  • Q&A

Ms. Natalie Evans – SGS Global Program Manager, Alternative Fuel Certification

Click here to register for Session 1
08:00 a.m. London
09:00 a.m. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam
03:00 p.m. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

Click here to register for Session 2
03:00 p.m. London
04:00 p.m. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam
10:00 a.m. New York

For more information, please contact:

Outi Armstrong
Systems & Services Certification
Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Development
1, place des Alpes
1211 Geneva

Language: English
Cost: No Charge
Event location: Online

6 - 7 August 2013

4th Latin American RSPO Conference

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) of Honduras will be organizing the 4th Latin American RSPO Conference in Honduras from 6 to 7 August 2013 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The event is organized together with the Honduran Palm Federation and the Oil Palm Industries of Honduras with support from FUNDER, WWF, SNV and Solidaridad.

The conference will feature keynote speeches, presentation of research papers and sharing of business experiences and advances in the RSPO certification process in palm producing countries of Latin America. Participants can also look forward to Expopalma, where exhibiting companies will showcase their products and services.

For more information, please go to

7 May 2013


Tuesday 11th June 2013. Dubai.
Grand Hyatt Hotel. P.O. Box 7978. Dubai.

Friday 14th June 2013. Bangkok.
Dusit Princess Srinakarin, Bangkok 10250.

Monday 15th July 2013. London. (Host company: Shell International).
The Shell Centre, York Road, London, SE1 7NA


A series of one day seminars designed for all companies in the Palm Oil value added supply chain. All seminars start at 0900.

Applicable to refiners, processors, manufacturers and retailers of any products that contain palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives.

  • Do you know the origins of Refined Palm oil and Palm Kernel Oil?
  • Are you aware of the 4 options under the mass balance supply chain model?
  • Do you understand short selling?
  • Do you know the difference between IP and SG?
  • Do you understand the rules for the use the RSPO Trademark?
  • Do you fully understand all the requirements of the RSPO SCC Standard?
  • Specific differences relevant to the RSPO-RED standard will also be examined.
Attendance on this course has already saved companies many thousands of dollars and time in preparing for RSPO Supply Chain Certification.

All delegates will leave with a sound understanding of all the requirements of the supply chain models (IP, SG, MB and BC) and will have knowledge of the practical implementation of the RSPO Supply Chain Certification requirements.

The seminar is based upon the only RSPO-endorsed RSPO SCC Training course that has been used to ensure that over 180 auditors across the globe are qualified to conduct RSPO SCC audits.

Download the registration form directly by following these links:

All delegates receive a certificate of attendance and training documents on individual flash drives with practical examples as to how to demonstrate compliance with the RSPO SCC standard and you may be able to claim CPD hours.

30 April 2013


Download flyer as PDF

Event: ISEAL Annual Conference 2013
Date: 11 - 13 June 2013
Venue: The Crystal, London


ISEAL is the global association for social and environmental standards systems. Its annual conference is a signature event when the world’s most influential standards and certification programmes come together with leading businesses, government representatives, NGOs and other stakeholders passionate about increasing the impact of standards.

This year, standards with a proven commitment to credibility in sectors as diverse as forestry, agriculture, fishing, biofuels, and mining will meet to discuss the tremendous drive toward demonstrating our impact and harnessing innovations that can make standards more effective.

The conference opens with an Evening Networking Reception featuring the launch of ISEAL’s Credibility Principles and a keynote address from Miguel Veiga-Pestana of Unilever. Two full days of sessions will follow, covering topics such as:

  • Sustainable sourcing at the Rio 2016 Olympics
  • Supply chain collaboration to collect data on impacts
  • Benchmarking and how to meaningfully compare standards
  • Using technology to enhance traceability
  • The future of standards and emerging trends
  • How the IT revolution is transforming certification and audits
The conference is taking place at the newly built and state-of-the-art Crystal, designed to be one of the world’s most sustainable buildings.

Visit to find out more or email

1 April 2013


building global bridges for responsible soy

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Why RTRS RT8 in China? The purpose of the RT8 in China is to extend the RTRS horizon to Asia, the continent responsible for more than 60% of the global soybean trading volume. With annual imports exceeding 55 million tons in the past few years, China is definitively the world’s leading soy market. Established in 2006, the RTRS is a leading global platform for the soy community. By organizing the RT8 in China, the RTRS will bring together important parties of all continents to the homeland of soybean cultivation in order to share and explore business opportunities and jointly develop strategies that can shape the future of responsible soy initiatives around the world.

What is the RTRS? The RTRS was established with the mission to transform the soy market to one that is more responsible. The RTRS is a unique multi-stakeholder organization with a membership consisting of producers, traders, supermarkets, brand and feed companies, NGOs and governments. Together these members have developed a mainstream credible global responsible soy standard through transparent, balanced, multi-stakeholder consultation. To date, the RTRS has achieved a volume of 1.500.000 tons of global soy production certified according to RTRS standards.   Find out more at

Key messages about RTRS and RT8:
* Now that the RTRS has established a strong foundation for success, the organization is building bridges to Asia and especially China, the biggest importer of soy in the world and an important producer as well.
* The 8th Annual RTRS Annual Conference is a unique opportunity for stakeholders across the supply chain to meet to discuss the opportunities and challenges related to building the market for responsible soy, with a special focus on responsible production and trade in and with Asia.
* Participants will get up to date info on soy imports and soy production in China specifically and in Asia more generally, as well as a deeper understanding about Chinese investments in the soy sector in South America.

Who will participate? The RT8 will bring together key business, producers and civil society representatives committed to sourcing responsible soy. Participants from China include RT8 co-host China Industry Soybean Association, Wilmar International, representatives from domestic production and trade organizations, high level representatives from the Chinese government, and others. Extensive participation is expected from across the international spectrum of RTRS member companies and organizations, including financial institutions like the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Rabobank, global brands like Unilever and Nestlé, traders like Cargill and Bunge, US food companies like Solae, European supermarket chains like AHOLD, ASDA, and Waitrose, South American producers like Grupo Maggi and Los Grobo, international NGOs like WWF and Solidaridad, producer organizations from India and others.

Where is the conference?  The venue of the 8th International Conference is the Beijing Landmark Hotel ( This is a well located hotel near the Beijing Central Business District, among other important places, and has good facilities. For the RT8, a plenary room with capacity for 300 participants was reserved.

Who is running the conference?  The RTRS Secretariat is in charge of the organization of the RT8 with the help of a team experienced in organizing annual conferences and general assemblies for members. Are you interested in participating or becoming a SPONSOR of the RTRS? Please contact our Communications and Outreach Manager, Ben Zeehandelaar, (email to, or call +54 11 45198005) to go through the options and fine-tune details according to your needs and interests.

11 March 2013

Global Malaysia Series #1 – Palm Oil

Permandu, in collaboration with BFM, are organising a series of open dialogue sessions to connect leaders of each industry with their fellow peers to help advance these industries on a global level.

The inaugural session will focus on the palm oil industry and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lee Oi Hian, CEO of plantation conglomerate, KLK will join us to talk about his journey in growing his business, his views on environmental conservation, the future of the industry, trends in genomic research and how Malaysian palm oil companies can maintain their edge over Indonesian companies.

The details of the events are as follows;

Date: 15 March 2013 (Friday)
Time: 9 – 11 am

Venue: Securities Commission

Interested Members can register via fax or online (

For more information or enquiries, please contact Ms. Annie at 03-2035 5900.


8 January 2013


The 13th edition of TERI’s annual flagship event the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS) will be convened under the aegis of The Global Challenge of Resource-Efficient Growth and Development at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi, India from January 31 – February 2, 2013.

TERI in collaboration with RSPO, WWF and CGF will host a Track at DSDS 2013 to discuss Global Trends in Sustainable Production and Sourcing of Edible Oil on February 1st, 2013.

The Track will essentially focus on the major issues concerning the Industry so as to seek  sustainability along the entire supply chain ‘from farm to fork’ which can be achieved by  way of creating sustainable and strong alliances of farmers with the processors; conserving the respective oil belts diversity  developing standards of sustainability in collaboration with sustainable agriculture networks; increasing the stakeholders as a probable solution for checking the price volatility existent in the market; and opting for responsible procurement strategies.

Click here to download full summary of track event during TERI DSDS 2013.
Click here to download Darrel Webber Key Note Speech

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10 December 2012

RSPO Partners with Bloomberg Businessweek Global Green Summit

RSPO Partners with Bloomberg Businessweek Global Green Summit

 Bloomberg organized the Bloomberg Businessweek Global Green Summit 2012, which was held on 4th December 2012 in Singapore. RSPO were among the proud partners of this successful conference.

Darrel Webber, Secretary General of RSPO, was among the selected speakers that comprised of influential business leaders, government officials and Bloomberg’s leading journalists that got together to discuss about accelerating innovation, creating better alignment between the public and private sectors as well as learning about sustainable business practices that are being led by global corporations.

The day-long event saw a variety of issues and ideas being discussed with the most notable highlights were on sportswear company Puma’s implementation of the first Environmental P&L as well as water managements through a 50 year projection by Singapore.



23 October’2012

RSPO discusses sustainable palm oil at Salon International de l’Agro-alimentaire (SIAL) in Paris, France

On 23 October, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board invited RSPO to give a presentation at its palm oil conference on nutrition and sustainability. The event was held in Paris, France in the context of the Salon International de l’Agro-alimentaire (SIAL), one of the world’s largest agri-food exhibitions. After a brief account of the RSPO achievements since its inception, the presentation, entitled ‘Business Unusual’, stressed the importance for all industries and stakeholders to take action and transform the market to make sustainable palm oil the norm. In Europe, in particular, which is the main consumer of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) and the world leader on sustainability issues, industries were urged to use CSPO and join RSPO’s global multi-stakeholder platform. The MPOB Chairman, Mr Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad, presented Malaysia’s sustainability efforts and expressed his support for the RSPO. Other presentations by IOI Loders Croklaan and the MPOB focused on the health and nutritional aspects of palm oil. Around 60 stakeholders attended the event, including multinational corporations, trade associations, NGOs and media. The event represents an important step to bring RSPO closer to the industry in one of the most important European markets, to discuss the main challenges and prospects for sustainable palm oil in Europe and to offer its support to those organisations which embrace RSPO’s vision.


15 October’2012

CII-WWF Panel Discussion

CII- ITC, a leading Industry association in India had organized “Sustainable & Inclusive Solutions: Summit”, on 15 October’2012, where WWF-India had chaired a panel on, “Sustainable supply chain: Transforming Markets.” It had representatives from ITC, BILT, Carbon Disclosure Project and Cargill. The floor was opened to the panel to highlight examples of sustainable initiatives from their business. While ITC and BILT spoke of paper and timber as examples, we realized their issues owing to price premium and resistance from industry players to comply at large were similar to the issues faced by RSPO. Cargill, Isheteyaque Amjad talked about palm oil in India, its importance as a commodity, issues and challenges and also stressed on the need for them to comply with RSPO standards. He explained the consequences of not moving towards CSPO, as a point for Indian companies to consider their future business opportunity and sustenance plan in light of the resource crisis that could possibly happen someday.


4 October 2012

TERI CEO Roundtable

The TERI CEO Roundtable entitled India: Innovation Nation was held on 4 October 2012 in New Delhi at the TERI office. It was chaired by Sir Jonathon Porritt, Founder, Forum for the Future and Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Director General, TERI and was a run up to the Delhi Sustainable Developmental Summit 2013. The meeting saw the participation of representatives from Cargill, Green Futures Magazine, Indus Towers, Alcatel Lucent India, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and various other organizations who are leading the way for sustainability in India.

Ishteyaque Amjad, Cargill India, emphasized on the need for responsible sourcing and procurement and adoption of sustainable standards to secure future resources. He highlighted Cargill’s role, as a global member of RSPO, committed to supply 100 percent of all palm oil products and/or originated from smallholder growers (excluding palm kernel oil products) to its customers in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand an other parts of the world by 2015 and by 2020, which will be RSPO certified.


12 September 2012


(In conjunction with OFIC 2012 )

OFIC 2012: Oils & Fats International Congress 2012

Organised by

Malaysian Oil Scientists’ & Technologists’ Association (MOSTA)
website: www.

On September 12, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Darrel Webber, Secretary General of the RSPO participated in a forum aimed at addressing:RSPO Sec General with  MOSTA Public Forum panellists.

How can the ETP plans and programmes be translated into reality?

Can the industry achieve the targeted growth rates? Can the industry contribute towards Malaysia becoming a high income economy by 2020?

Can the palm oil industry generate an income of RM178 billion by 2020, compared to RM80 billion last year? What are the enabling measures to further strengthen the role of this industry in the future?

What are the impediments and how can these be overcome?

The Forum was moderated by Mr M. R. Chandran, Council Member of MOSTA and comprised the following experts who will cover subject matters such as:

Malaysia’s Strategic Outlook – Is the ETP Achievable? Mr. Stephen Hagger, Malaysian Country Head, Credit Suisse Securities, Malaysia;

Plantation Industry: Upstream Challenges Mr Ramesh Veloo, Tradewinds Plantations Bhd. Malaysia;

Maximising Resource Use Efficiency in Oil Palm based Agro-ecosystems: Prof.Sayed Azman-Ali, Crops for the Future, Research Centre, Nottingham University, Malaysia Campus;

State of the Palm Oil Downstream Industry: En. Wan Mohd Zain Wan Ismail, Chairman, Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia

Green Chemicals: Integrating Palm with Nanotechnology: Dr Juzer Jangbarwala, Chief Technology Officer, Platinum NanochemSdnBhd, Malaysia

Multi Stakeholder Initiatives – Staying Ahead of the Curve:

Mr. Darrel Webber, Secretary General, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

18 September 2012

RSPO – A Supporting Partner In CSR Asia Summit Held In Beijing

On September 18-19, the CSR Asia Summit 2012 was held in Beijing. RSPO was a Supporting Partner of the Summit, which featured the theme “Local Innovation for Global Challenges” and had an emphasis on corporate engagement in global health. The event started with 3 keynote speeches and a panel discussion, followed by breakout sessions structured into four thematic streams: challenges, stakeholders, disclosure and solutions. Chinese economist Mao Yushi gave the first keynote speech, stressing that corporations not only have to be legally but also morally responsible. Michael Schreider from GBCHealth talked about different ways the private sector can contribute to addressing global health issues. Tang Min, Counsellor to the State Council / Executive Vice-Chairman of the China Social Entrepreneur Foundation discussed the development of social enterprises in China. During the panel discussion, Coca Cola, Accor, Nokia and State Street shared their experiences in helping address global challenges through local innovation. Around 500 delegates participated in the event, including CSR/sustainability professionals, representatives from social enterprises and NGOs, investors, and academics.


September 2012

The XVII International Oil Palm Conference in Cartagena, Colombia

In September, with more than 2.000 assistants from the five continents, the XVII International Oil Palm Conference and Expopalma 2012 took place in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, sent a message to the assistants highlighting that in 2014 the oil palm agroindustry in the country should reach 60,000 hectares planted with oil palm. With a call for the agroindustry to build and consolidate over strong bases its competitive advantages in the oils and fats global market, the Executive President of the National Federation of Oil Palm Growers of Colombia, Jens Mesa-Dishington, inaugurated the XVII International Oil Palm Conference and Expopalma 2012. Mesa said that Latin America has reached the second position among the continents in the production of palm oil. Colombia, more specifically, maintains the fourth place after Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, Sergio Díaz-Granados, agreed with the Executive President of Fedepalma, Jens Mesa, that the future of this agroindustry depends, among other aspects, in the opening of new international markets. In this sense, palm oil and its sub-products have been taken into account in all the free trade agreements signed in the last few years. The Minister committed to having ready in less than a year the results from the “Economic, Scientific, Education, Technical and Cultural Cooperation Accord between the government of Colombia and the government of Malaysia” to promote and facilitate the transference of technology and the use of good agricultural practices in this country. In this occasion the XVII International Oil Palm Conference, counted with 72 speakers: 63 international and nine national, oil palm growers, investors, businessmen, industrials and traders, suppliers of goods and services, academics, investigators, government officials, experts, technicians, directives and functionaries from trade associations coming from 31 different countries in the five continents.

Darrel Webber, the Secretary General of the RSPO shared that he is determined to bring the actors of the oil palm agroindustry together to develop and implement standards of sustainability. Webber emphasized the importance of sustainability to access new markets. Other speakers included: Director of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Choo Yuen May; Dorjee Sun, Executive Director of Carbon Conservation LTDA from Singapore; David Guest, Senior Professor at the Botanic School of the University of Melbourne; André Drenth, Main Researcher at the Alliance for the innovation of agriculture and food; James Fry, President and Founder of the English consulting firm LMC International and one of the worldwide authorities in agricultural economics.


September 2012

Malaysian Palm Oil Board Hosts Forum In Sydney, Australia

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) held a forum in Sydney in Australia in the month of September 2012, chaired by YB Tan Sri Shahrir Absul Samad, Chairman of MPOB. It was attended by TYT Dato’ Salman Ahmad, Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Malaysia ke Australia and Datuk Hassan Salleh, Konsul Kehormat Malaysia ke South Australia. The forum was attended by over 75 delegates from non governmnetal organizations; zoos; food associations; academicians; educational institutions and academicians; etc. The forum was intended to open channels of communicationa and create dialogue as a response to media impressions in Australia focusing on the negative implications of the palm oil sector on deforestation and endangered species across south east asia. Several presenters shared their perspectives at the forum; amongst them: Mr. Darrel Webber (RSPO); Dato’ Carl Bek Nielsen (United Plantations Bhd), Dr. Carl Traeholt (Copenhagen Zoo), Dr. Marc Ancrenaz (HUTAN), Tuan Haji Khairudin Hashim (Sime Darby), Ms. Rachel Lowry (Zoos Victoria), Mr. Kim Leighton (Australian Food & Grocery Council), and Mr. Tim Cronin (WWF Australia).


3 July 2012

Tedx-WWF Conference in Singapore

The Secretary General of RSPO, Darrel Webber presented at TEDxWWF organized by WWF Singapore entitled “Business Unusual for a Global Commodity.” His message focused on the aspirations of the RSPO and how as individuals we all have a role to play in motivating palm oil to be produced and sourced responsibly.

Darrel’s presentation can be viewed  here

Tedx-WWF Conference in Singapore


25 June 2012

WWF speaks on sustainable palm oil at food industry event in Germany

On June 25th, Carrie Svingen (Manager, Markets and Communications, Palm Oil and Soy of WWF International and member of the RSPO’s Standing Committee on Communications and Claims) spoke at the DNV Pro Food Information Day: "Sustainability - Step by Step to Success" in Meerbusch, Germany. Organized by certification body DNV, the event discussed sustainability standards in the German food, beverage, and packaging industries. Sixteen companies from these industries discussed sustainability, outlined ways to implement common standards for the food industry, and highlighted examples of best practice within the industry. During her presentation on WWF’s Approach to Sustainable Palm Oil, Carrie presented the RSPO, as well as its certification standards, trademark and success in increasing CSPO production and consumption.


21 June 2012


RSPO Executive Board Member speaks at BM TRADA event in London

On June 21st 2012, BM TRADA hosted a conference in London, UK, which featured presentations by RSPO Executive Board Members Hidde Van Kersen and Adam Harrison. The conference sought to provide a forum to debate the future of sustainable palm oil, examine the demands of a range of stakeholders across the industry and raise awareness of the benefits of certification. Hidde van Kersen (Sustainability Director at IOI Loders Croklaan) discussed upcoming changes in regulations of oils and called on RSPO members to promote the use of sustainable palm oil. Adam Harrison (Senior Policy Officer for Food and Agriculture for WWF UK) spoke on the versatility and productive qualities of palm oil, its continued demand, and the urgency for strengthening standards in the supply chain. Other speakers included Freddie Woolfe, Hermes EOS; Dr Samantha Lacey, CDC Group; Stephen Lowe, DEFRA; Fiona Wheatley, Marks and Spencer; Ken Grant, Tiger Tim Products Ltd; Ian Bowles, Premier Foods and Alasdair McGregor, BM TRADA Certification.


18 June 2012


Joint CFNA-WWF-CGF-RSPO Summit to be held in July in Tianjin, China

On July 18th, the China Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Forum will be held in Tianjin, China. The forum will be part of the China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce’s (CFNA) 2012 International Oils and Oilseeds Industry Summit and will be jointly hosted by the CFNA, WWF China, the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the RSPO. Speakers will include CFNA President Mr. Bian Zhenhu, WWF’s Dr. Jason Clay and Prof. Jirong Sun, RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber, Walmart’s China Senior Director Lloyd Guo, and representatives of Chinese and international companies.The program will address a wide range of both upstream and downstream issues, and is designed to have an audience of approximately 100 representatives of companies (domestic and international), industry associations, social organizations and government agencies. The Forum will also showcase the efforts of RSPO and its member companies to promote the production and consumption of sustainable palm oil.


15 June 2012

CGF-WWF-RSPO hosted meeting: “In Pursuit of CSPO” in Washington DC June 15th

On June 15th 2012, RSPO, the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and WWF-US hosted the global summit “In Pursuit of CSPO” in Washington DC. This Summit seeks to help retailers and manufacturers work more closely with major palm oil processors and traders in order to facilitate the uptake of CSPO by better understanding the obstacles to its uptake and its current availability in various countries.

The Summit has been structured to facilitate active discussions with presentations from manufacturers, retailers and processors/traders around their current progress in moving towards 100% CSPO and any barriers or obstacles that are slowing down uptake or availability of CSPO. This is a significant platform to engage with the key companies interested in supporting the sustainable production of palm oil. By the end of the session, RSPO aspires to have a greater understanding of the plans of the CGF companies and the current availability of CSPO around the world as well as recognition of the steps we can all make to accelerate the uptake of existing and future CSPO. If you have any queries regarding this upcoming summit, please contact


12 June 2012


RSPO interacted with key investors and analysts from the banking and financial sector on 12 June 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event was hosted by CIMB Bank, a leading regional bank that operates in high growth economies in ASEAN. The purpose of this event was to provide an understanding on RSPO and its key role in the sustainability of palm oil; and the important role investors play in driving and encouraging companies to integrate sustainable practices within organizations. Also highlighted at the event was WWF’s report on Profitability and Sustainability as well as the WWF Palm Oil Investor Review 2012.

Among questions that were raised included growth rates of production and uptake of CSPO, growth rate of membership sectors and its implications, decision making process through consensus and future plans of the RSPO. Other points discussed include the role of the financial sector in RSPO and how this will evolve in the future. Secretary General, Darrel Webber and the Communications Director, Anne Gabriel, led the presentation and discussion.

WWF Report: Palm Oil Investor Review:
WWF Report: Profitability & Sustainability:



The 3rd International Conference & Exhibition of Palm Oil 2012 (ICE-PO 2012)

Event brief

The International Conference & Exhibition on Palm Oil 2012 was held in Jakarta, Indonesia and has entered its third year. This year, the annual conference took "Palm Oil Industry for Planet & Prosperity" as the theme, and was attended by nearly 1,000 conference participants and 5,000 visitors from various backgrounds that are relevant to palm oil industry, including Producers, Businessman, Exporters, Importers, Traders, Scientist, Engineers, Technologist, Policy and Decision Makers, Investors, and Bankers.

The conference was held with a purpose to create a sustainable platform for the industry players to exchange information, ideas, and experience among producers and consumers on palm oil products, and also to provide opportunity to review the advances in palm oil development, analyze and overcome today’s challenges face by the industry. In one of the key lectures on "Implementation of SPO"  on the first day of the conference, RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber spoke on the implementation and future benefit from RSPO for the palm oil industry. Also speaking at the same panel were key individuals from the industry that work on sustainability, namely Howard J. Sargeant from Bakrie Sumatera Plantation (BSP), Arifin Lambaga from Mutu Agung Lestari (MAL) and Dr. Edy Sigit Sutarta from Indonesian Oil Palm Research Institute (IOPRI). The lecture was moderated Dr. Tony Liwang from SMART.  

Lead speaker representing RSPO

Darrel Webber, RSPO Secretary General
RSPO in action



III RSPO Latin American Conference in Ecuador

Event brief

ANCUPA and the palm-growing sector in Ecuador were honored and committed to make this third Latin American Roundtable the gathering point for Latin American palm growers, as well as for all other actors interested in the development of activities related to the palm oil industry.  

Lead speaker representing RSPO

Darrel Webber, RSPO Secretary General
RSPO in action
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March 2012

World Biofuels Market in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Event brief

The World Biofuels Market conference is the largest Congress and Exhibition in the biofuels industry, bringing together the entire value chain of the biofuels industry, 600 companies and over 1500 attendees.  There were several RSPO members among the event sponsors and speakers, including BP, Neste Oil, SGS, ADM and Evonik.

Lead speaker representing RSPO

Salahudin Yaacob, Technical Director of RSPO Secretariat
RSPO in action
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Caobisco, UK  

Event Brief

Caobisco, the European Association of chocolate, biscuit and confectionery has invited RSPO to present the organisation to its members at their Joint European Sustainability and CSR Committee meeting on the 8th of March. The aim of this meeting was to explore potential activities that could be undertaken by Caobisco with its members around CSPO.
Lead speaker representing RSPO
Marion Birnstill, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Brussels
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February 2012

Roundtable on Promoting Sustainable Palm Oil In New Delhi, India

Event Brief

The main objective of the Roundtable was to move/influence stakeholders for the initial steps
towards sustainable palm oil, as well as to discuss India’s critical role to stop deforestation and promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil

Lead speaker representing RSPO
Darrel Webber, RSPO Secretary General
RSPO in action
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January 2012

APIM Working Group in Brussels, Belgium

Event Brief

APIM has launched the first working group with its members to discuss the 2012 action plan to operationalise the switch to 100% certified sustainable palm oil by 2015. The aim of RSPO’s present was to explore with the members of the Belgium Alliance how to operationalise their commitment.

Lead speaker representing RSPO

Marieke Leegwater, MVO Netherlands
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December 2011

APIM launch in Brussels, Belgium

Event Brief

The Belgian Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil has organised a press conference to showcase its establishment and its members commitment to source 100% CSPO by 2015.
Lead speaker representing RSPO
Caroline Sikking, Cargill
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December 2011

COP17 Durban - Advancing Public Private Partnerships for REDD+ and Green Growth in Durban, South Africa

Event Brief

COP17 marked a significant moment in the UNFCCC process. The Parties achieved several substantial outcomes, including agreeing to a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol, launching the Green Climate Fund, and setting 2015 as the date by which the international community will adopt a global agreement with ambitious targets for all Parties, including the United States and the major developing countries, that would enter into force in 2020. REDD+ was also advanced in two significant ways: i) the Parties agreed on technical elements, such as reference levels and the environmental and social safeguards needed to ensure credible outcomes; ii) on REDD+ finance, the Parties agreed that both the public and private sectors have a role to play, and they further considered that in light of current and future demonstration activities that market-based approaches could be developed by the COP to further REDD+ finance. These are key steps towards creating incentives to scaled-up investment to support forest conservation. AD Partners applauds the Parties on their hard work and achievements at COP 17.
Lead speaker representing RSPO
Puvan Selvanathan – Vice President, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil; took part in the panel titled “Private Sector Opportunities to Reduce Deforestation” which debated the means by which a sustained effort to reach these goals could be achieved. Better information to, and empowerment of, the consumer was a consistent theme.

RSPO in action



Food Ingredients Europe Conference 2011 in Paris

Event brief

Food ingredients Europe is the global meeting place for all stakeholders in the food ingredients industry.  Over 500,000 people have attended the shows over the years, and billions of euros of business has been done as a result. Fi Europe is held once every two years in a major European city and brings together the world’s leading food and beverage suppliers, R&D, production and marketing specialists and showcases the most diverse range of new and innovative ingredients and services.
Lead speaker representing RSPO
Yves Augrandjean, IOI
RSPO in action
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November 2011

RT9 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Event brief
The 9th Annual Global Roundtable Meeting organized by RSPO achieved a record high attendance with over 1000 people from 34 countries around the world from both grower and consumer markets, was officially opened by Yang Berhormat Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok, the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities of Malaysia. Themed "RSPO Certified. Transforming the Market. Together."

Lead speaker representing RSPO
RSPO Executive Board and Secretary General

RSPO in action

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