Complaint on : Equatorial Palm Oil PLC

Equatorial Palm Oil PLC


Oil Palm Grower

Sustainable Development Institute

04 October 2013

The company is alleged to have breached  Principle 2 – Compliance to National Legislation,  and   Principle 7: Responsible development of new plantings

It is alleged the company has cleared  and planted on land that is the customary land of the community  in   New Cess,Grand Bassa County, Liberia; and is seeking to expand the plantation  without the free, prior and informed consent of the communities.
The community is also objecting to the company carrying out a re-survey of the existing concession area.

Box A complaint received

 Update  Date
Itinerary EPO- NI - Min_ of Internal Affairs 6 June 2014.pdf  6 June 2014
 RSPO reply  3rd April 2014
 RPO updates   8th August 2014

On 4 October 2013 the company  replied to the RSPO saying that it is  a valid concession agreement  signed and endorsed by the government of Liberia. And the operations are being carried out responsibly within the ambit of the law and the RSPO rules. The investigations into the complaint are on the Complaint against Equatorial Palm Oil 30 June 2014.pdf