Complaint on : IOI


Sarawak, Malaysia

Processors & Traders

a. Local Community;
b. NGO (Grassroots)

16 March 2010

Infringement of P&C 2.2 the right to land use disputed

Land conflict
IOI Group's certification process for new certifications suspended in 1/4/11. Both parties have agreed for mediation. Mediator has been engaged through the RSPO Dispute Settlement Facility. Mediation process Stage 1 began in September 2011 and is on-going.(Note: Stage 1 is about Conflict assessment and Agreement to Participate in a Mediation. This stage would map the dispute through identifying the parties who should participate in the mediation and establish a primary agenda of issues that require resolution. It would also seek the commitment of the key parties to enter into a mediation, and establish their agreement to the mediation team).

Box F facilitating settlement (DSF)

Update :

4 Feb 2013 (LATEST)

The Dispute Settlement Facility (DSF) has been requested to step-up pre-mediation works with the parties, with a view to bringing the parties to the table by July 2013, for further mediated negotiations to resolve the conflict.

The Complaint Panel (formerly known as the Grievance Panel) have met up in November 2012 to review the status of the IOI-LTK case. The Panel recognizes the efforts and challenges faced by both parties in moving towards resolving the case.

Meanwhile, the Complaint Panel have agreed to lift the suspensions of new certifications by IOI with the exception of IOI-Pelita Plantation (Sarawak), which will not be certifiable until this dispute is being resolved.

8 Oct 2012

The hearing of the appeal by the state government has been postponed to a future date.

The scheduled LTK meeting at village level has been fixed for late October 2012.

9 Aug 2012

DSF arranged a meeting with the parties on 24 July 2012 in Miri, Sarawak.

Key decisions made at the meeting:/

a. All parties (IOI, LTK and LCDA) reiterate their commitment to go for mediated process.
b. LTK will conduct a meeting at village level, on 13th of August 2012, to select their leader who will represent them in the mediation process. Both IOI and LCDA were given the option to attend the meeting.



Statement from RSPO / Progress Update
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