Complaint on : PT Nabatindo Karya Utama (a subsidiary of Bumitama Agri Ltd.)

PT Nabatindo Karya Utama (a subsidiary of Bumitama Agri Ltd.)

Tumbang Koling , Kalimantan , Indonesia

Oil Palm Grower

Centre for Orang Utan Protection

11 March 2013

The company is alleged to have breached  Principle 5: Environmental responsibility and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity and  Principle 7: Responsible development of new plantings.

The company has cleared HCV  forest and which  is the habitat of various endemic animals including orang utan.

Box G Closed for Monitoring

A formal complaint has been filed to the RSPO on the allegations against this company. As a result of a directive from the RSPO to the company in seeking clarification, a response letter has been submitted by the company (as attached). The RSPO is now reviewing the specific complaints received against the contents in the companys response letter to determine the next cause of action.

Update 26 Aug 2013

Bumitama Agri Ltd  has replied on 30 July 2013 and clarifies on its organization structure. 
The RSPO Complaints Panel will deliberate on it at its next meeting.

Update 22 November 2013
A meeting was conducted on 8 November 2013. Summary of the meeting are listed below:-
a) Bumitama decided to transfer its membership to the parent company, Bumitama Agri Ltd.
b) Clearance activities has ceased since Oct 2013 in LSM. Further announcement was made for NKU and ASMR on the Bumitama's website.
c) Bumitama will comply with the RSPO's New Planting Procedures for all future clearance.
d) Bumitama will conduct independent verification on encroachment and deforestation allegation in PT ASMR and PT NKU.
e) LSM will implement actions as instructed by the Complaints Panel that are stated in the joint statement on 24 Sept 2013.

6 February 2014
PT Nabatindo Karya Utama has on on-going planting area located in Tumbang Koling Village, Cempaga Hulu, Kotawaringin Timur, Central Kalimantan. The summary report of New Planting Assessment is opened to public notification and can be downloaded here

26 September 2014
Waiting for Bumitama Agri Ltd to entry compensaiton process before RSPO issue the official letter to close the complaint for monitoring.

20 October 2014

RSPO had meeting with COP. Follow up: will have meeting with Bumitama on 30 October 2014.

More details are available in the attachments. 

Update Date
Update September 2014 - Letter from Bumitama Agri to RSPO 10 October 2014
Update August 2014 - Letter from Bumitama Agri to RSPO 16 September 2014
Update July 2014 - Letter from Bumitama Agri to RSPO 22 August 2014
Request to Bumitama before Case Closure 19 August 2014
Update June 2014 - Letter from Bumitama Agri Ltd to RSPO 03 July 2014
Update May 2014 - Letter from Bumitama Agri Ltd to RSPO 31 May 2014
PT Nabatindo Karya Utama reply to Complaints Panel 29 April 2014
Chronology of complaints againts Bumitama Agri Ltd by Aid Environment 10 April 2014
Case Update 10 April 2014
RSPO_-_Valuation_of_Bumitama_Agri_s_commitments_to_stakeholders_and_RSPO_24_Feb_2014-Reply.pdf 24 February 2014
RSPO_-_Valuation_of_Bumitama_Agris_commitments_to_stakeholders_and_RSPO_12_Feb_2014.pdf 12 February 2014
Executive Summary 7 February 2014
Progress Report 27 January 2014
Reply from RSPO to Bumitama Agri Ltd. 22 November 2013
Letter from Bumitama Agri Ltd. on RSPO membership 22 November 2013
RSPO Response 9 October 2013
RSPO Response  13 September 2013
RSPO Response  1 July 2013
RSPO Response  7 May 2013
Case Update  18 April 2013
Case Update  18 April 2013