Complaint on : PT Sisirau ( PT Ibris Palm)

PT Sisirau ( PT Ibris Palm)

Aceh Tamiang Sumatera, Indonesia

Oil Palm Grower

 Sumateran  Orangutan Society

29 October 2012

Alleged  breach of  Principle 5

Environmental Responsibility & Conservation of Natural Resources and Biodiversity of the RSPO Principles & Criteria

 The allegations are PT Sisirau has cleared forest which is the habitat of orang utans in their plantation leading to starvation of the primates.

Box F Action Plan


PT Sisirau submitted progress report on 24 July, but some actions are not completed according to timeline (including have not comply with compensation process). Input on the progress report had been sent to Sisirau, waiting for their response. 

8 September 2014
RSPO has meeting with PT Sisirau to discuss the next steps to address the complaint. PT Sisirau is in process to entry compensation process.

Statement from RSPO/Progress update Date
Ibris Palm Letter No. 004-IP-LA-V-2014, 24 July 2014 (Re: PT Sisirau Progress on Actions Taken in Response to RSPO Complaints Panel's Requests 24 July 2014
Ibris Palm Letter No. 003-IP-LA-V-2014, tgl 20 Apr 2014 SSR action plan, timeline, Ibris Palm ACOP 20 April 2014
Update April 2014 April 2014
Review and Verification of PT Sisirau January 2014
Update November 2013.pdf November 2013
Complaint - PT Sisirau/Ibris group 9 May 2013
Complaint - PT Sisirau/Ibris group 7 May 2013
Complaint - PT Sisirau/Ibris group 4 February 2013