Smallholders NI Working Group - Background

Looking beyond the completion of the P&C is the need to ensure that its implementation is not just up to expectations of stakeholders, but congruent or compatible with the norms, laws and values of countries, or sovereign states. This crucial step not only allows for negating potential conflicts between an international standard and national laws, but also to allow for national level stakeholder consultation. This would translate to addressing key concerns at local or regional level, giving specific points to unique situations and complementing national laws with a higher benchmark (where applicable) for industry to achieve.

Buy-in to such a process is critical, and it is expected that once national interpretation processes begin, RSPO members in countries where this exercise will take place would lead them. The role of RSPO's Executive Board in this leadership role would be highly welcome. At present, a set of guidelines for the requirements for a national interpretation group process is being developed.

Download minutes of the 2-year P&C trials kick-off meeting held on 25 April 2006 (246 kb, PDF)

Smallholder NI Working Group (By Countries):

1.   Indonesia Smallholder NI Working Group
2.   Malaysia Smallholder NI Working Group
3.   Thailand Smallholder NI Working Group
2.   Papua New Guinea Smallholder NI Working Group