Smallholders Learning and Linking Page

Training Materials


 Oil Palm Farm Management
 Oil Palm Fertilizer Management
 High Conservative Values (HCV)
 Internal Control System (ICS)
 Intergrated Pest Management
 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
 Oil Palm Record Book
 RSPO Practicle Guideline for Smallholder
 Soil, Water and Resources Conservation

Reports/ Articles/ Books

1. Impact Study of the Project on Sustainable Palm Oil Production for Bio-energy in Thailand - Final Report

2. Baseline Study of the Oil Palm Smallholders in the Project Areas - Final Report

3. Capacity Building SPKS - in Bahasa Indonesia

4. Pelatihan Fasilitator P & C Produksi Minyak Sawit Berkelanjutan RSPO untuk Petani - in Bahasa Indonesia

5. Penerapan Prinsip dan Kriteria - in Bahasa Indonesia



Independent Smallholder (Thailand)


Smallholders Best Practices (shared by SOLIDARIDAD)

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