Sime Darby

100 years ago, today was the future. As Sime Darby passes its hundredth year mark, it prides being the world’s largest listed palm oil company, supplying 2.4 million tons of crude palm oil (CPO) annually from estates spanning across Malaysia, Indonesia, and recently, Liberia.  Sime Darby Plantation has upstream operations that include cultivation of oil palm, development of plantations, and milling of fresh fruit bunches (FFB). The downstream business present in 15 countries encompasses manufacture and distribution of oils and fats products to biodiesels, oleochemicals, and nutraceuticals.

Beginning in 2008, several major palm oil consumers made commitments towards the use of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) by 2015. This move signaled a shift in stakeholder expectation for the sustainability of the palm oil industry.

Sime Darby has adopted the RSPO standard to meet this growing demand and its sustainability commitments and attained the Group’s first RSPO certification on the 13th October 2008. The company now has 36 of its 63 Strategic Operating Units (SOUs) certified by the RSPO and aims to have all of its SOUs certified by the end of 2011. To date, Sime Darby is producing over 1.2 million tons and 0.29 million tons of CSPO and Certified Sustainable Kernel Palm Oil (CSKPO) respectively. The million tons mark was breached in less than three years, demonstrating that the RSPO’s principles and criteria (P&C) can be effectively and commercially implemented.