RSPO Trademark Usage and Guidelines

RSPO Trademark

On 1st June 2011, the RSPO has charted its new path endeavors to making sustainable palm oil the norm – with the official release of the much-expected RSPO Trademark program that aims to bridge the gap between the upstream and downstream palm oil production and distribution system to make it whole. It is undeniably a significant move bringing the RSPO Members closer to the consumers through the adoption of a globe-shape palm top label on the products – the RSPO Trademark.

The master logo consists of palm top label with “RSPO” at the bottom, is being registered in more than sixty countries worldwide, including all major palm oil markets. The RSPO will actively reach out to consumers and other stakeholders in important consumer markets such as Europe, India and China to support the further transition to sustainable palm oil and the trademark will play a central role in these efforts.

In other words, the RSPO Trademark signals the use of RSPO-certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

  Well-informed choice for consumers; and responsible consumer can now identify and differentiate products that are being sourced sustainably, from others.
  Seal of commitment on palm-derived product as more member companies can now act responsibly protecting the environment, social causes, and wildlife conservations.
  Booth demand on market uptake for RSPO certified palm products
  Producer and users of CSPO will benefit economically from the higher demand for CSPO/CSPKO

Kindly please download full details of RSPO Logo Usage & Guidelines to find out:

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