RSPO and High Conservation Value

The RSPO is committed to the conservation of primary forests and high conservation values (HCV) within the context of sustainably managed landscape. The RSPO principles and criterions 5.2 and 7.3 stated that:

Criterion 5.2

The status of rare, threatened or endangered species and high conservation value habitats, if any, that exist in the plantation or that could be affected by plantation or mill management, shall be identified and their conservation taken into account in management plans and operations.

Criterion 7.3

New plantings since November 2005, have not replaced primary forest or any area required to maintain or enhance one or more high conservation values.

The RSPO New Planting Procedures (NPP) which was formalized in May 2009, approved by the RSPO Board in September 2009 for implementation from 1st Jan 2010 further elaborates on the requirements for criterion 7.3. The first step is to conduct a comprehensive and participatory independent social and environmental impact assessment (s) and the assessment (s) must include identification of all primary forest, HCVA, areas of peat soil, and local peoples’ land.

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