Principles and Criteria Review

RSPO P&C Review: Draft Revised RSPO Principles and Criteria for Public Consultation:

1 October – 30 November 2012 02 October, 2012

Important information about this document:

Approved in October 2007, the RSPO Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Palm Oil Production are currently under review. Following three meetings of the appointed RSPO P&C Review Taskforce, this document contains the text of a draft revision of the RSPO Principles and Criteria for public consultation.

The public consultation period will run from 1 October – 30 November 2012. During this period, comments should be submitted to Proforest, the facilitators for the review process, at

It would be extremely helpful to the process if submitted comments can clearly reference the specific Principles, Criteria, Indicators, and/or Guidance that they relate to.

Following this public consultation period, the RSPO Review Taskforce will convene for a final meeting to consider the comments submitted and finalise a revised version of the Principles and Criteria, to be submitted to the Executive Board. The revised Principles and Criteria will then need to be adopted by RSPO members at a General Assembly.

Note that, in addition to the public consultation period, comments on these draft revisions to the Principles and Criteria will be actively sought at RT10, with the opportunity for discussion.

1. Revised RSPO Principles and Criteria Draft for Public Consultation_clean.pdf
2. Revised RSPO Principles and Criteria Draft for Public Consultation_tracked changes.pdf 
3. Agreed timeline for RSPO P&C Revision 2012-2013

Outcomes of the Second Public Consultation:
1. Phase 2 - Principle-Specific Comments

2. Overall/ general comments by stakeholders

No.  Stakeholders
1  Overall/ General Comments by Stakeholders
2  Human rights review
3  Human rights survey
4  Anti-slavery
5  Cargill
6  Casino Group
7  Certification Bodies
8  Forest People Programme
10  German stakeholders (RSPO members)
11  Greenpeace
12  IFC
13  Indonesia Grower Caucus
14  IUF
15  Not for Sale (campaign)
16  OLAM
17  PAN AP
18  PT Agro Indomas
19  PT BSP
20  PT CUS
21  PT Ivomas Tunggal
22  PT Musim Mas
23  PT Smart
24  Sainbury's
25  Scientists statement
26  SEI
27  Sime Darby
29  Verite
30  Walk Free
31  WRI
32  WWF
33  Comments received from RT10

1 . 
Overview - Review of the Generic Principles and Criteria of the RSPO

  • P&C Review Steering Group - December 2011
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Guidance for your contribution
  • Contact details for submissions

  2.  TimeLine

Date Action
6th September 2012 Revised P&C to be circulated to all TF Members
20th September 2012 Deadline for comments
30th September 2012 Revised P&C ready for second public consultation
1st October – 30th November 2012 Public consultation
Week of 21st January 2013 TF4 (Final task force meeting)
Week of 18th February 2013 Submit final draft of revised P&C to EB
April/March 2013 Extraordinary GA to approve revised P&C








3.  Phase 1 – Principle-Specific Comments
Phase 1 – Overall / General Comments by Stakeholder

5.  Phase 2 Review Of The Generic Principles And Criteria – Update From RSPO - Updated Statement
6   Update Statement on Fourth Task Force Meeting of P&C Review
Note: Stakeholders are invited to leave your comments on item no. 3 & 4 above.