Presentation Material

1.   RSPO Standard Presentation (EN / 中文 / French

Steps to download  presentation slide:

1. Copy url into your browser: Corporate PresentationWEBSITEFINALOCT2012Sept21.pptx
2. Press Enter and browser will automatically download file
( *some browser might open file after download, it depends on the browser setting). 
3. If file is auto downloaded, please press CTRL+J to open "Downloads" folder, Select downloaded file, now you should be able to open the presentation slide. 
4. For those having problem to download presentation slide, please click here to view it in PDF: Corporate PresentationWEBSITEFINALOCT2012Sept21.pdf.

Click to download RSPO PRESENTATION (ppt or pdf format) 

2.   RSPO Trademark Presentation (EN/ 中文)

Click to download TM_presentation.ppt