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A monthly contribution from inspiring and therefore, influential individuals from around the globe - with admirable passion, dedication and an intrinsic motivation to honour the world we dwell in, in some way or another. We are thankful that here, they take time to share their candid insights about the journey towards certified sustainable palm oil – including its lack, its glory and the hope that lies ahead.


Darrel Webber

Secretary General, RSPO

RSPO EUROPEAN SUMMIT: Welcome Address by Darrel Webber


Good morning and welcome everyone to the very first RSPO European Summit. I am very pleased to see so many of you here this morning – your attendance shows that there is great interest in the topic of sustainable palm oil in Europe and I look forward to the discussions we will have today in this regard.  READ ON..


Marcello Brito

Commercial & Marketing Director, Agropalma Group

Ethical Value of Vegetable Oils


In recent years, vegetable oils became one of the most scrutinized products regarding sustainability by various civil society organizations, especially for those oils produced in tropical and subtropical, poor and emerging southern hemisphere countries. Much has been said, myths have been spread and campaigns with little technical basis were created. So, here today, we will start learning a little about the major characteristics of vegetable oils, especially concerning consumption, nutrition, geography and production and begin to look how to achieve sustainable production and consumption in this important industry that directly employees over 7 million people worldwide and, has a year turnover higher than 200 billion US dollars.  READ ON..


Edi Suhardi

Vice President II of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

A question of shareholder responsibility
*NOTE: The below opinion piece was taken from www.thejakartapost.com


Another blow to the palm oil industry came on March 11 when JP Morgan Asia Pacific Equity Research revealed that the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) had disposed of its stakes in 23 Asian palm oil companies in 2012, including several Indonesian companies committed to the sustainability movement.  READ ON..


Bas Eickhout

Member of the European Parliament

How to Sustain a Debate on Palm Oil

*NOTE: The below opinion piece was responded to officially by Darrel Webber


The global demand for palm oil is growing rapidly. Palm oil ends up in hundreds of food products, from margarine to chocolate, but is also used for cosmetics and in biodiesel. However, consumer awareness about palm oil is growing almost as fast as the demand for it rises.  READ ON..


Darrel Webber

Secretary General of RSPO

Response to MEP Bas Eickhout


RSPO had an accountability to respond to MEP Bas Eickhout's opinion piece. READ ON..                                                                                                                 



Dr S. Baskar Reddy

Head of Agriculture, Food Processing and Waters (FICCI)

CSPO In India – The Market Potential


India has today become the world’s largest importer of Palm Oil with 20% share in world’s total import followed by China 16% and EU-27 14. As per some estimates, the financial burden on account of import of edible oil for year 2020/21 would be 28.7 billion. India could be the largest market for CSPO, hence, strategies have to be developed for creating more awareness about CSPO and seeking commitments from importers and domestic manufacturers. READ ON...


Prof Tommy Koh

Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore

RSPO’S 10TH Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil


Talking about palm oil brings back happy memories of my six years as the Ambassador of Singapore to the US and my friendship with the Malaysian Ambassador, Mr Bertie Talalla. ASEAN had only six Ambassadors in Washington, between 1984 and 1990. READ ON...


Teoh Cheng Hai

First Secretary-General
RSPO (2004-05)

Mission Accomplished by RT15?


Come 30 October, 2012, RSPO will organize the 10th Roundtable Meeting (RT10) on Sustainable Palm Oil. As in previous meetings, this will be the largest global gathering of players and stakeholders across the entire palm oil supply chain, coming together with the common purpose of promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil. READ ON...


Don Grubba

Managing Partner
Sustainable Development Initiatives

Climate Change?


No, I have not suddenly stepped over the line and joined with the ~3% of the world’s environmentalists that still doubt that climate change is in progress and is worsened by man’s presence. With 324 consecutive months of average temperatures exceeding the long term average for a particular month it seems that the facts are evidence enough for nearly all reasoned viewpoints. READ ON...


Jonathon Porritt

Environmentalist & Writer

RSPO Coming of Age


"I’ve followed the story of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil pretty much from its inception ten years ago. It was high risk for all those involved at that time (particularly WWF, Unilever and the Malaysian Palm Oil Association), and it’s still high risk today, ten years on. READ ON....